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By Jewel-joye Sirjue 20 May 2016

Striving to find out who owns this amount.

By David Njuguna 31 Jan 2016

Someone call me from this number

By Ish Cheema 01 Jan 2016

Address KO PO TM Karla st ta pat nag Mbini school lip city

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    By Curtis Blevins 03 May 2016

    if someone chilly called you and you gave them remote accessibility to your computer subsequently there may well be a connect on. Te computer virus scam has been running for years. they prey on individuals with Small or no computer knowledge especially the elderly by telling them that they have a fault or a virus on their computer. occasionally they claim to be from or on behalf of Microsoft.that is a lie as neither Microsoft nor its partners would ever phone the people who do telephone understand nothing about the computer. they don't understand the IPA address or the USP or even what version if any of windows you are running. if you give them distant access they install Malawi to steal private tips like bank details and passwords. occasionally they inquire for money to repair the faults which dint exist but that's just after they have got accessibility. if you pay them afterward that is a bonus to them. is the dial ling code for Malaysia. get your computer checked outside locally and contact your bank if you can on line banking to warn them. if you purchase on line then contact the folks you deal with and inquire them to assess your account. after you have had you computer assessed out subsequently change all your passwords.. if you have another computer or accessibility to one you can change all your passwords now but dint would it on the computer which has been compromised until after it is checked as these folks will simply read the new advice.


    By Andrew Sykaluk 17 May 2016

    say won Samsung Asia prom


    By Fasil Mekonnen Alemu 23 May 2016

    Fine Ty


    By Iceola Keys 30 May 2016

    this number belongs to straggled forensics a computer forensics consultancy based inside Glasgow.BR straggled forensics a ..co.UK


    By Doug Weitsel 22 Mar 2016

    when the machine decided up caller hung upward.


    By M Hatchette 09 Jun 2016

    the dialing code is for Birmingham u.k.


    By Ellen Stilwell 09 Jul 2016

    received phone call. did not reply.


    By Gregg Davis 10 Feb 2016

    call at Tue caller hung upward when i answered.


    By Barb Janovetz 28 Jun 2016



    By Abigail Garren 02 Jun 2016

    befriending calls every time no one talks on the other end

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