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By Rick Asbury 08 Apr 2016

Who have you reported it to so that they might take action

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    By Terri Blackburn 12 May 2016

    dangerous its just a tedious scam that has been doing the rounds for years at least now.


    By Jacob Grey 19 May 2016

    called me on my cellphone. no message left.


    By Philippu Saintus 24 Apr 2016



    By Teri Arra 26 Jun 2016

    got a call. no message left.


    By George Belloc 22 Apr 2016

    please help identify this caller


    By Dave Buba 15 Feb 2016

    authentic but the operator could would with some training. for a begin the number comes up no caller id hello this is Barclay's could i do an identity assess with you will i ask what month were you born no you cant.... so she merely said fair enough ill send a letter and hung upwards. afterward i got a text saying my debit card DE activated from the number mentioned on this thread. i thought fraudster but named Barclay's premier and seems its them. they need to watch their fraud adverts currently being shown and learn something.


    By Stan Sroka 14 Apr 2016

    why you named me


    By Autumn Everland 04 Jun 2016

    i have had a least calls a day for the previous week from this amount. have attempted to tell them to quit but no one one the other end.


    By Dave Whitfield 10 May 2016

    amount is blocked but still becoming through duplicate calls when told id be removed from the list.


    By Ariantae Sandifert 29 May 2016

    its another scam caller from . these parasites are after your cash because they're too lazy to work too dense to be employed and they include registered democrats aka illegal aliens who want to live away the hard work of others by supporting left wing anti American politicians enjoy Obama Clifton Reid and pols the telescope politicians.BR BR what many are doing to quit these pig vomit maggots from calling is to forward their calls to senators and congress mans offices in dc. members of congress should be the first to take these unwanted calls not us because members of congress work for us and they should manage this annoyance. if everyone inside the USA forwarded all unwanted telescope calls to senators and congressman's offices within dc they would get our message about telescope calls.BR BR you may use for forwarding the worst telescope offenders because that switchboard white house may transport the calls to the right recipients inside congress. some of these slugs promise to work for miserable ya Della of Microsoft at and we all understand Bridgett from card member services at and a few dozen other numbers. democratic incompetence caused this to happen merely enjoy years of democratic government has destroyed Detroit and now Baltimore. shrewd upward America vote against all career politicians particularly the plutocrats who claim to be democrats.BR BR additionally understand that many of these telescopes are truly terrorists who bargain your credit info to fund acts of terrorism against the USA. all of the morons at attempt Verizon com cast and other phone companies are overly ignorant to detect intercept and cease these telescope calls that's a fact because you ll see they re enjoy politicians and never held actual jobs. the elected politicians are thoroughly inept to would the simplest of anything but we the folks may mend this one. if your phone system has a call forwarding attribute forwards telescope calls to both of your senators and your congressman within Washington dc now. and vote for Scott walker and Ben Carson in so they could shut these scampers down once and for all they will the Democrats are all Libra BR by the manner may you name simply one achievement that a Democrat has made inside the past years Barack Hussein Obama Hilary Clifton okay so HBO did help Isis execute several thousand Christians and Hilary Clifton did help revolutionary terrorists kill Americans. but what did they do for Americans will you name one matter if you can nothing about these scam calls you re going to keep on becoming them. instead vote out all incumbents inside the next election and vote for republican candidates not the profession politicians who promise to repair this and other problems that the limo liberal nutcases have caused inside our exceptional usable BR PS in case you ha vent figured it out if Hilary is elected in shell become the second president in recent history who is a pathological liar. and no i didn't spell hi liar y wrong she is the liar inside leader who has never uttered a single word of truth in her entire life. just democrats could be dumb enough to vote for a pathological liar and entitled elitist like Hilary. if you are a registered democrat you must be quite proud of your utter ignorance of truth and anti American beliefs for you are the scum who has destroyed this nations vitality freedoms and prosperity.

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