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By Beth Pilger 23 Apr 2016

Got a call from this number and it was a UK tech support from Microsoft asking if i have any computer from Microsoft that was running to slow. i am my self a computer fix man so i told them to get lost when inquired where thy got this amount from he replayed by saying our admin and research team. this is a fake business and make you download software enjoy key logging and Trojan horses. if you did not call a tech support do not entertain them and hang upward..

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    By Darmetra Ray 13 Jul 2016

    when i replied nobody replied.


    By JENNI SIMS 23 Jun 2016

    i subscribe to streams and TM gave my info to the Aug insurance telemarketer. after stupidly agreed to the cope and gave my cc amount they charged my for first insurance which is agreed upon and subsequently charge me again the same amount which i didn't notified before. call Aug HQ they said my name is not on policy. named TM they said there was cooperation with Aug but additionally my name is not registered with the insurance application. i blocked my cc and my total damaged was Myra. will make police report.


    By Ghdjdg Ydrdrjyd 23 Apr 2016



    By Khloe Conte 14 May 2016

    i had a call to but they said is that razed was around a incident.would they come to my house


    By Ramon b. Andujar sr. 01 Apr 2016

    named asking for someone else. when i said they didn't live here he continued to talk with me regarding claiming back poi from cellular telephone phones etc.


    By Robyn Raabe 05 Mar 2016

    i got a telephone call from i dint know what this means could you describe it to me thank you


    By Lynn Hardwick 23 Apr 2016

    i missed a call and it wont dial back


    By Dann Tervo 20 Mar 2016

    missed all


    By E Vila 02 Apr 2016

    closing notice from IRS around a case file. recorded MSG they are filing a law suit against me. my name is not mentioned and no name is given to contact.


    By Carlos Vogtsberger 16 May 2016

    named about minutes ago automated message re poi claims. pestilence

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