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By Sarah 25 May 2017

Lucas max an aggressive stalker from Leeds who targets vunrable woman. He is connected to Yorkshire Photography.

By Todd Emmert 18 Apr 2016

U such a bull crap

By Cat Champion 25 Jan 2016

This number has called twice within days. they say that you have been inside injury and it wasn't your fault this is a ploy to get you to response questions preferably with a yes. was a woman speaking with a far east accent i said yes i was within injury and i was killed. i place the telephone down. these people ignore and start into their script. dint give any tips name address whatever. they dint know you and they're out to create cash rather how i never bothered to locate out. could you affirm your address should i it tells me they dint have that information. clod call .

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    By sheila dunlap 14 Apr 2016

    it's an international call using the number who merely told me i was included within a car accident. they called my company number and claimed my insurance business gave them the details i don't drive never have i driven and nor will i be capable to. after describing they had contacted an on line business which doesn't have anything to can with cars nor does it supply business cars. the man went quiet and after around minutes of silence he gave upwards and hung upward Lola. i would suggest ignoring this call and avert phoning it back or you could finish upward with a quite high phone bill


    By Patty Laxton 10 Feb 2016

    i did not response it.


    By Michael J cenci 12 Jul 2016

    several calls


    By Fred Tat 18 Apr 2016

    got a call yesterday.


    By Matthew Dikes 30 Jan 2016

    keeps calling every day


    By Susan Mcphersonpoirier 10 Mar 2016

    caller id said unavailable no message


    By Elizabeth Fanok 25 Mar 2016

    nuisance call from a foreign call centre


    By Sonal Tuli 15 May 2016

    a courier agent


    By Dane Thurston 14 Jul 2016

    its poi automated express call


    By Netta Randolph 14 Jun 2016

    named twice no vim repeatedly calling

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