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By Patty Emmons 15 May 2016

This caller hangs upward or is not there when the acreage line is replied either by message machine or a live pick upward. anyone else have this experience

By Judith Whisenhunt 16 Mar 2016

A hang up call

By Ronda Brink 10 Jan 2016

Received a call on land line.

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    By Philip Forsyth 22 Jun 2016

    please call back to me concerning safety ladders upwards n outre rads Henri Becker beck trading apes Denmark


    By William Steils 31 May 2016

    got a call from this telephone number.


    By Shamika Cone 16 Jun 2016

    however another of the endless automated calls for boiler replacement. claiming every house has to be done by may . it was may until a few weeks past i get two or three of these every day from distinct numbers but all with the same recorded message.


    By Jonathan Travis 08 May 2016

    this may be around Sabre calls at night so i turn my phone away at nighttime.


    By Tayri Cross 07 Mar 2016



    By Barbara Hoke 23 Mar 2016

    looked up their company and they re not doing quite well... only inside the banker BR its run by Marcus peter Stafford who has had numerous failed companies.BR BR flat Ellington hall dream Norfolk united kingdom NR abbr BR winter corn or winter con


    By Dessy Miller 01 May 2016

    me too. no message.


    By Bruce Whatson 10 Mar 2016

    i received a call


    By Edward Toyoji 29 Jan 2016

    a hereafter.icon.gov.UK.icon.gov.UK BR BR news release November BR BR the advice commissioners office icon has today served monetary penalties totalling on two owners of a advertising business which has plagued the public with millions of unlawful spam texts over the past three years.BR BR this is the first time that the icon has used its power to problem a monetary punishment for a serious breach of the solitude and electronic communications regulations per since these powers were approved in January .BR BR the icon is additionally now considering issuing penalties to three other companies believed to be acting in breach of the regulations as the office continues its crackdown on the illegal promotion industry.BR BR information commissioner Christopher graham Sadr BR the public have told us that they're distressed and annoyed by the continuous bombardment of illegal texts and calls and we are now cracking down on the companies responsible using the full compel of the law.BR BR in march we place upward a survey a .snap surveys..ASPCA the icon web site so folks will tell us around any unwanted texts and calls they have been receiving. so way we have received over responses. we know the majority of these messages and calls have been made by companies who attempt to stay attributable in the trust they could gain by selling private tips to claims direction companies and other marketing organizations. we're using the advice supplied by the public to identify those responsible.BR BR the info commissioner continued BR the two individuals we've served penalties on today made a significant gain from the sale of private info. they knew they were breaking the law and the trail of evidence uncovered by my office highlights the scale of their operations.BR BR we will continue to work with the important authorities as well as the network providers to ensure companies like this are punished. were also working with the ministry of justice to goal claims direction companies who buy this tips breaching the industry regulations the info protection act as well as electronic marketing regulations.BR BR our message to the public is that if you dint know who sent you a text message then do not respond otherwise your details may be used to create profits for these unscrupulous individuals. together we will place an finish to this unlawful industry that continues to plague our today lives. BR BR further info about the icons investigation into tetras telex's may be found inside the monetary punishment notices accessible on the icons monetary penalty notices page.BR BR further actionable Nobel and MacLeish are additionally facing prosecution from the icon for failing to notify that tetras telex's was processing private info. notification is a legal requirement for organizations under the information protection act punishable by a punishment upward to inside the magistrates court and a potentially unlimited excellent within the crown court. BR BR it's significant that any company that has bought information from tetras or Nobel or MacLeish inside the previous now carefully checks that the proper customer consents have been obtained and that they are acting in the law. we're working with the ministry of justice to consider whether further enforcement action should be taken against any of these linked companies including the cancellation of their authorization to manage. BR BR the icon has place upward a survey a .snap surveys..aspic individuals can use to send us the details of any unwanted advertising texts and calls to investigate.BR BR the info supplied is being used to help identify those companies responsible. BR BR we are now considering issuing penalties to three other companies for breaching the per. we are not identifying these companies now as this could jeopardize our investigations and evidence party however you could find out more about what activity we are taking here a hereafter.icon.gov...icon.gov.. companies.


    By Logan Fletcher 06 Jul 2016

    Noe number scummier. jg lay an

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