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By Louis Jett 29 Jan 2016

This sequence of apparently central London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com can can about it. its a fake amount so cannot be named back. dint waste time blocking as amount continually changes last digits. just blow off. or better still reply amp love winding up Natasha Watson or whatever fictitious name shes using this week with her its about the non existent car accident that you or someone in the house had to years back.

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    By Stefanie Kalinoski 22 Jun 2016

    bloody EEO. they offer an atrocious service and afterward see fit to call upwards and try and sell stuff. they could shove it where the sun does not shine. i could not be any clearer when they call i will never renew my contract and i will never advocate EEO to another living soul. they still call and inquire me again. what component of this statement leaves them believing that i am sitting on the fence worst mobile provider IMO.


    By Sahar Nikakhtar 29 Jun 2016

    received a call from this amount said were collecting for firemen and paramedic organization. when i inquired what percent of my dollar would really go to firemen and paramedics i received silence. is fake scam. don't give to them.


    By Patricia Ziter 12 Jul 2016

    amp smell the coffee Elsie. yes they have no conscience nor morals. they continue because most folks are honest and challenging working but additionally sadly gullible and trusting especially the elderly or exposed. chances are its the same shysters targeted you last time.


    By Joseph Lamari 26 Jun 2016

    several calls from this number.


    By Keila Cestero 05 Apr 2016

    when i response they hang upwards.


    By corey chapman 25 Apr 2016

    call many times


    By Peter Nantovech 06 Jul 2016

    who owns the number


    By Lyvonne Johnston 07 Jan 2016

    caller said she was from specialized dept of windows computers and that she would repair my online disease. i did not call Te number she gave me as thought it might be a scam. anybody got any info on this amount should it have another digit


    By Patrick Lark 24 Jun 2016

    they have called time and again so annoying. blocked the number


    By Daniel Weinhold 22 Jun 2016

    its quite small woods additions BR either confirming a returned item to let you know it has been received.

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