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By Chris Smida 16 Apr 2016

Who calls from this number and what can they want.

By Bryce Whittington 28 Feb 2016

call said i won . mil dollars they would herein the am an subsequently i hung upward he called back and inquired if i was home alone

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    By Alex Haire 03 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount. the caller left no voice message.


    By Nicole Depauw 29 Jun 2016

    same here. received a call from this number claiming in barely discern able English hefty east Indian emphasis that the government wants to give me dollars. too awful it wasn't over ha ha


    By Mj Decoen 11 Jul 2016

    this number keeps calling me


    By Frances Gray-bristow 07 Jun 2016

    i had this caller a few times now but i have never replied if i dint know the amount that's ringing me i always check the amount to many scams going around


    By Cori Jensen 30 Jun 2016

    a .snoot.coma afterward search for the number or business it lists geographic or freephone alternatives. is what it offers for admiral. sadly if you re reading this thread you've probably already been stung for calls within my case


    By ashley sharpe 09 May 2016

    Jamie Anderson of international mergers named me on this number quoted my email address mentioned a hostile takeover of pharmacopoeia offering to compensate me for the shares i didn't understand i had total worth a form was to be emailed to me to signal scan and return


    By Dustin Flanigan 30 Mar 2016

    i got a call from them yesterday the women on the other end certainly didn't realize that the call had gone through to my voice mail as i could hear her having a conversation with a colleague she ended upward leaving me a message with her saying something about someone being a filthy beast this afterward cut to a recorded message as per the other posts on this thread. hardly the behaviour you'd expect from any self respecting business.BR BR i wont be calling them back but will add their amount to one of the chilly caller contacts within my address novel merely within case they try again and i accidentally response the call.


    By JACK COGHLAN 20 Mar 2016

    missed a call


    By Ryan Durrant 08 Apr 2016

    who has this number


    By Steven Clavette 25 Jun 2016

    according to of com records no numbers commencing xxx have been issued for use. this amount is a fake like all the others within that group scattered throughout this newsgroup.

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