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By Simon Gonzaga 04 Jan 2016

Yes. its probably UNICEF. not sure i ever agreed to it. we have chugging. we've phishing. is this now hugging attentive with the pronunciation.

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    By Patricia a Shein 14 Jun 2016

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    By L Drauch 21 Jun 2016

    keep becoming consequently call near six times a day


    By Zinah Nesheiwat 10 May 2016

    called but left no message


    By charles lipps 24 May 2016

    received a phone call from this number. the caller left no message.


    By Riana Aulet 30 Jun 2016

    looking for owner info.


    By Danette Brady 21 Jun 2016



    By Adealia Bailey 21 Jun 2016

    automated call asking you to listen to message. something to can with poi


    By Linda Hansbrough 30 May 2016

    yesterday i had a very unprofessional interview with iconic strategies. safe to say a few hours after i was offered to attend part two of the interview procedure. feeling uneasy about the whole matter i did some research and came across this clearly i didn't attend now. this morning i received a telephone call from their receptionist who still avoided my questions about salary door to door sales and if the job is commission based. why cant they just be honest thankfully i avoided anymore time with these idiots but are they allowed to advertise an salary and fully what the occupation actually is is there anything we could do I'm pretty annoyed that i wasted my time and travel expense on these clowns. only to let everyone understand the address is merchants court st Georges street Norwich Norfolk NR ab. i received calls from from another business name they are under named north star acquisitions. Simon Reynolds supervisor of iconic strategies rang me on . of class they will change company names numbers and addresses so its good to keep everyone updated thank you for this thread and confirming my suspicions before i wasted anymore effort time and cash


    By Darnice Fulton 15 Apr 2016

    who is this


    By ashley rickey hale 10 Mar 2016

    simply got a call from . i did not reply. what type of amount is this

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