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By Simon Gonzaga 04 Jan 2016

Yes. its probably UNICEF. not sure i ever agreed to it. we have chugging. we've phishing. is this now hugging attentive with the pronunciation.

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    By Sally Forrisi 11 May 2016

    several missed calls from this amount. turns out its a business named major advertising. no thought what they would.


    By Addison Neva 21 May 2016

    just had a missed call on my cellular telephone from this amount.


    By Nicole Westerfer 10 Feb 2016

    keeps calling at all hours. continuous harassment.


    By ruth ponder 11 May 2016

    any ideas who this might be


    By Donna Fines 31 Jan 2016

    phone rings but no caller on the other end


    By Charles Rathell 06 Feb 2016

    who are these folks never leave a message and i never pick up


    By Kerri Antol 12 Jul 2016

    named but left no message


    By Kenneth Presutti 02 Feb 2016

    this no called i rang it back for Min's no one answered


    By roni guo 12 Jul 2016

    received a call for my daughter from this amount left a message and was told they would be filing against her in her county on the message they said this was her official notice. for one matter granting to the rational debt collections action they have to notify you by snail mail. not email or phone. additionally they have to give you the name of the company that you allegedly owe and additionally a copy of the first debt papers with your signature on it. i named back spoke to a jasmine she would not give me no info and said i could go to court with my daughter. the information they have is yrs old and my daughter was a minor at the time they say she created the debt. she had spoken to them before. i gave her the number and information that was left on the message machine she attempted to call them back they would not response and had no answering machine my next measure will be to tell them when they call since this is my number not hers to stop and desist call within or i will press charges against them for harassment. caller be ware.


    By Benjamin Knapp 02 Jun 2016

    striving to find outside who owns this phone number.

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