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By Julian Buchynski 09 Jan 2016

Only had a call again from a youthful Asian sounding lady at windows service station. she informed me that my computer was running slowly not and was downloading malicious programmed. i asked for a amount i could call her back on as i was busy and she gave me . i inquired her to repeat the number as it was uncommon and when i inquired where she was calling from she said east London. i told her that it was not a London amount and inquired her where in east London and she said Chelsea square road. is no such road within any place of London. i inquired her name and she said Rosie martin. i told her that my computer had no such issues and that i had preceding calls from similar service centres and i was enrolled in t.p.s. and please dint ever call me again. there was a pause and she said OK and i said goodbye.BR since talking to Rosie i located this.......very interesting a .discuss talk.co.invitational ... Trey scumbag i figure the greatest way to deal with this within future is only to hang upwards.

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    By Thermutis Anderson 12 May 2016



    By Kirby Collett 08 Jun 2016

    named my cell phone.


    By Edward Gancarz jr 23 Jan 2016

    i have amiss ed call from this number


    By Janet Chong 27 Jun 2016

    this is a scam linked to the one for number and many others.BR BR a .com telephone amount..com telephone amount.aspics BR you get an email through where someone claims to be wanting a quote from your business it looks absolutely legitimate the grammar and spelling are great and the purpose appears to be to get you charged for making the call back at a premium rate. the giveaway for me was that the email address didn't fit the purported business name and I have been about for long enough to recall GM as an old school USP. text of the email we received BR BR BR Huber BR I'm getting inside touch as a member of our business had requested a call from you a little while ago.BR BR we are looking to get some costs if we can happiness BR would someone be competent to give me a call on BR BR i am inside and outside of the office now so it maybe a case of attempting to find me when free or leave a vim.BR BR regards BR Amanda bowing email Amanda.boinks.comber mobile


    By Zack Burks 01 Mar 2016



    By James Corvelli 02 Jul 2016

    called now not sure who they are does anyone understand please


    By Christine Agrae 19 May 2016



    By Andrea Noce 08 Apr 2016

    which network for this number


    By Demetris Holmes 12 Jul 2016

    why are u calling me


    By Billie Billie 02 May 2016

    same as everyone above. scum caller confirmed. discount block.

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