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By Julian Buchynski 09 Jan 2016

Only had a call again from a youthful Asian sounding lady at windows service station. she informed me that my computer was running slowly not and was downloading malicious programmed. i asked for a amount i could call her back on as i was busy and she gave me . i inquired her to repeat the number as it was uncommon and when i inquired where she was calling from she said east London. i told her that it was not a London amount and inquired her where in east London and she said Chelsea square road. is no such road within any place of London. i inquired her name and she said Rosie martin. i told her that my computer had no such issues and that i had preceding calls from similar service centres and i was enrolled in t.p.s. and please dint ever call me again. there was a pause and she said OK and i said goodbye.BR since talking to Rosie i located this.......very interesting a .discuss talk.co.invitational ... Trey scumbag i figure the greatest way to deal with this within future is only to hang upwards.

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    By Amethyst Jones 02 Apr 2016

    yes i have additionally been receiving these both yesterday amp today.BR i have reported these companies to the icon before but they never seem to do anything about it.


    By Genna Styles 14 Jul 2016

    who is


    By syed raza 06 Jan 2016



    By mandy phommachanh 19 Mar 2016

    received a similar message from the same amount BR you still registered at surgery name gt and at the same address if so text yes and the first line of your address to or you danger removed from our list by the pct.BR Sims.operation megatons.Nebr BR again they knew which operation I'm registered with but the typo and the fact that it begins you rather than are you makes me think that it isn't legit.


    By Ralph Kopald 15 May 2016

    i want to understand profile that number


    By Bite Mama 01 Apr 2016

    if you shun them they will fail


    By David Day 23 Jun 2016

    VIP calls through or bis talcum. a .obstacle.coma


    By Mandy Nikodim 15 May 2016

    this number is calling me regular. nobody discuss they only call and disconnect as shortly as you pick it upward. where could we report this people. i am up with this.


    By Lovely Walt 21 May 2016

    this number keeps calling. i never response and they never leave a voice mail


    By Ryan Rhuby 18 May 2016

    received a call on land line.

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