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By Ryan Melendrez 16 Jun 2016

Its from Samsung e warranty and they merely need to support your purchase..BR no other details needed from them except your telephone model...

By Lari Mcalonis 21 May 2016

Got a cellular telephone telephone call on which i did not recognize so let it ring. as i was expecting a phone call from the sister of a pal of mine i rang it back. James from first energy said that it was an tips call which in my own publication is sales promotion. said not interested and hung upwards on him. I am registered with taps. valid companies have property lines to contact customers. also is this ploy of tips call merely a way of becoming around a clamp down on chilly calling

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    By marcello bellsouth.net Marcello 07 Feb 2016

    got a call with no message from this number and when named back nothing but a busy indicate. who could it be calling


    By Gracie may Kempf 03 May 2016

    rang times no message left


    By Young-ja Lee 28 Mar 2016

    normal poi recorded message on my answering machine. like many recent calls the displayed number is brief of a digit. now blocked but suspect it is spoofed and simply a random place of digits particularly since no one else here is reporting calls from them.


    By Frank Espen 09 Mar 2016



    By Ariel Geker 13 Feb 2016

    call me have a serious matter to discuss with you yep spam message from now on i classroom name happiness data ml IMF


    By Daisy Vergara 16 Mar 2016

    just got a call from this number claiming to be sky. I am an ex customer and he needed to activate my account for free for a year. no account details asked for. the sky card no is genuine and matches and my direct debit with them has been cancelled. so I am going to reconnect the box see if it works.


    By Julie Griffen 24 Jan 2016

    cozy number


    By Stephen Biastre 11 Apr 2016

    no message left.


    By Andrea Visocchi 02 Mar 2016

    unknown number


    By Tyree v. Johnson 02 May 2016


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