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By Ryan Melendrez 16 Jun 2016

Its from Samsung e warranty and they merely need to support your purchase..BR no other details needed from them except your telephone model...

By Lari Mcalonis 21 May 2016

Got a cellular telephone telephone call on which i did not recognize so let it ring. as i was expecting a phone call from the sister of a pal of mine i rang it back. James from first energy said that it was an tips call which in my own publication is sales promotion. said not interested and hung upwards on him. I am registered with taps. valid companies have property lines to contact customers. also is this ploy of tips call merely a way of becoming around a clamp down on chilly calling

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    By careerpath.com 18 Apr 2016

    dint understand who tried calling me i named back and the number stays engaged


    By Jan Briski 24 Jun 2016

    missed a call from this number any thought who it's


    By Kaci Bays 06 Jan 2016

    call received from this amount today ours is a private dwelling and this call is wholly unsolicited and joins the really quite long list of such calls received by us despite our being taste registered off public voters roll ex directory etc etc. we have no aim of picking up the telephone to such calls and giving them any sort of satisfaction and we are expecting awaiting spineless party politicians internationally doing something to quit these creatures.


    By Kyle Saul 13 Jan 2016

    they're promoting mobile providers offers


    By Bernice Coleman 26 Jun 2016

    at pm PST this number named my office it was a guy and i believe he said his name was Reese or something like that. quite quite obscene call. told him i had caller id and i was calling to report him to the pd subsequently i hung upward and reported it to my office staff.


    By E. Mohamed 17 Mar 2016

    they called my cell today and did not leave a message.


    By Nick Daglas 10 Apr 2016

    i want to understand the caller


    By forrest ellner 04 May 2016

    en devour dint work within Newcastle or go there must have been someone else


    By s_v_fallone yahoo.com Vita 10 Jul 2016

    searches enjoy a local number but is sales call. about mobility or something told me my number did not show on the taps list. rubbish despise these calls


    By Kathleen Desoto 10 Feb 2016

    i got a call Min's past from this amount that is the number i got when i rung to see who named me. i have no notion who it was as i didn't get to the phone within time. if anyone has any information on it please let me understand. you will email me at immanently.comber i additionally go ogled it and nothing came up either but something i didn't fairly comprehend.BR thanks in progress.BR

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