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By Ryan Melendrez 16 Jun 2016

Its from Samsung e warranty and they merely need to support your purchase..BR no other details needed from them except your telephone model...

By Lari Mcalonis 21 May 2016

Got a cellular telephone telephone call on which i did not recognize so let it ring. as i was expecting a phone call from the sister of a pal of mine i rang it back. James from first energy said that it was an tips call which in my own publication is sales promotion. said not interested and hung upwards on him. I am registered with taps. valid companies have property lines to contact customers. also is this ploy of tips call merely a way of becoming around a clamp down on chilly calling

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    By Carrie Alajoki 05 Jul 2016

    who call me


    By FRED ACCIARDO 01 Jun 2016

    hey how do you block this amount it keeps calling me i replied once and they said hello and afterward i hung upwards do you believe they would have gained any information i also thought it was to do with my travel to America


    By Marion Durkin 17 Jan 2016

    merely got a call from this number claiming to be from Microsoft specialized section or some such wanting to help me resolve a important trouble with my computer.BR BR told her where to gob BR what made me even more mad than usual is that today is Sunday this is the first time i have ever received an unwanted call on a Sunday. i had thought that the scampers gave us a break on this day but that illusion has now been shattered.


    By Marlys Lindgren 14 May 2016

    fascination eventually got the better of me today as this amount kept calling me and as the code is my local area code i presumed it must be a authentic call from a local company but as it cost me p for a less than second call i believe not they said they were your vehicle consultants i believe that is what it sounded like and they subsequently tell you how to take your telephone amount off their list. don't would this as all you are doing is confirming your amount as a valid amount so they may sell your details to other companies.


    By Mary Gulizo 26 Feb 2016

    named me last nighttime.


    By Martin Atwood 30 Mar 2016

    this number consistently call me but not talk to me


    By Glen Talbot 12 Apr 2016

    same matter happened to me. looking for guidance


    By Takeia edwards Edwards 21 Feb 2016

    the amount named me at work.


    By Bai Her 11 May 2016

    i got calls from this amount but never a message.


    By Jeanna Thornton 14 May 2016

    this no. is from Sahel courier company.

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