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By Dena Hargis 21 Apr 2016

Harrington's advisory ltd. this business is under investigation. poi and other claims chilly calls also using local area codes. and now trying to get outside of it by saying they have been cloned. there not its them. inside wood house castle croft road bury Manchester bl Ln. their main phone amount .

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    By Hilary Levin 16 Jun 2016

    called me no reply on other finish. listed as appointment desk.


    By Ju Bergeron 07 May 2016

    when i answered nobody was there.


    By Aaron Torosian 18 May 2016

    the Dyson servicing make sense because i have a Dyson but the amusing matter is my friend bought my Dyson for me on my behalf from out of her catalogue and i never registered it so that's a small bit bizarre of course i paid my friend for the Dyson but it came from her catalogue and was delivered to her address as i was ill in hospital at the time so she brought it round to me when she knew i was home so i actually dint understand how they understand i have a Dyson unless they are simply calling people up inside the hope that they have a Dyson i got named by this number twice the second i ignored it but the first time i tried to call it back and it said their lines were down literally broken till Monday in a recorded message this was like a Saturday but it said when searched upward the no. that is for a auto servicing place mentioned Mercedes and vow and also its the old phone number for Leeds medical practice too


    By Kristina Fike 22 Apr 2016

    i keep getting a foreign call centre help cease them calling


    By Brent Horrocks 20 Apr 2016

    didn't response call


    By John Descarfino 24 Jun 2016

    get call and show BTU offer this service.BR if they cant be bothered to leave a message discount all calls you do not recognize.BR get a telephone where you may block the calls once blocked they do not ring out inside the house.BR don't worry they will do nothing.


    By Mary Madamba 11 May 2016

    i believe the guy said he was from caliber property could anyone confirm


    By Glenda Verbeke 24 Jun 2016

    received a call this morning.


    By Kim Danieu 11 Jul 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By Malcolm Rush 18 Jun 2016

    receiving calls from this amount twice a day for the last days . i have not replied as the number appears really suspect. no messages left Greer.

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