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By Dena Hargis 21 Apr 2016

Harrington's advisory ltd. this business is under investigation. poi and other claims chilly calls also using local area codes. and now trying to get outside of it by saying they have been cloned. there not its them. inside wood house castle croft road bury Manchester bl Ln. their main phone amount .

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    By Idris Ayanlaja 11 Feb 2016

    who might it be


    By Barry Decko 02 Jul 2016

    this is someone calling from a different department of haring council amp if I'm right it is someone from the home options team they actually help individuals who have been waiting for longtime housing for rather some time to rent in the private sector etc


    By Daisy Gil 02 Jul 2016

    keep ringing asking me if i have been getting my local paper delivered..asked if i lived at such and such put said no


    By Craig Meeks 15 Jun 2016

    yep i had a grisliest page open on my telephone. might be a link. anyway i didn't reply because the notion of digit calling creep ed me outside and it was am. no thanks


    By louise rayo 10 Jul 2016

    left no MSG.


    By Krysta Gorder 17 Apr 2016

    an dam Na Doha Jude


    By Tony Laguerre 07 Jul 2016

    did not leave any message.


    By BURLEY HIGHSMITH 17 Feb 2016

    granting to BTU this amount does not exist so its clearly a scam call I've idea what they want because i do not answer unless i recognize the callers amount.


    By Anita Vannatta 01 Jul 2016

    this sequence of apparently essential London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com can can about it. its a fake amount so cannot be named back. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. just ignore. or better still answer amp enjoy winding up Natasha Watson or whatever false name shes using this week with her its around the non existent car accident that you or someone within the house had to years back.


    By rosealyne price 29 Jun 2016

    this is from am bank or MB card. they will claim they are from polka asking for your address and stuff. beware

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