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By Hailey Bragg 28 Mar 2016

Simply want to understand who called

By Dinkel Anna 15 Feb 2016

Who is this caller

By Kevin Wainman 13 Feb 2016

Arno m muster annoy inside like DEA ye ken

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    By Clifford Shultz 30 Apr 2016

    co. called better energy .ill of telling them to quit ringing. assumed to have removed my no. from their data base at least times but still get calls


    By Sandy Lawrence 25 May 2016

    this amount is think insurance and completely legitimate


    By Basford Green 07 Apr 2016

    who called me Malaysian number BR qt


    By Tobin Winebrenner 17 Apr 2016

    i am receiving calls from these cretins about the same time each day...must be call center trailer pan now we comprehend these scum are scampers...they have an automated express that says this is the credit card centre no mention of which bank or card company afterward you are asked to provide your credit card details to them on an automated service. when you dint give your details it asks you to try again as your details aren't recognized. the notion being you have only re confirmed your bank details to these . afterward they ask you to ring back later with your correct details...which of course is merely to cut you away the telephone so they can concentrate on emptying your bank account. . please don't get taken within by them


    By Kyle Rohlman 05 May 2016

    where precisely is this call from...i answered once and got a girl voice...but just saying hello...BTW i received it on my cell phone.


    By Mel Marsh 17 Mar 2016

    who are you exactly why ring off without saying anything


    By Nyesha Brownlee 05 Mar 2016

    BR BR


    By widget122 comcast.net Ronald 12 Apr 2016

    a ore recorded message to listen carefully


    By Nate Vannote 07 Jun 2016

    what exactly is phone number


    By Emerson Steward 17 Feb 2016

    i didn't pick up but there were calls back to back at a.m. on Saturday morning. i lately had a difficulty with amazon which caused me to cancel an order amp send several furious emails. every email received an extensive response with a rather moot solution. because other folks have mentioned amazon makes me believe threes a link.

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