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By David arnaud Larson 21 Apr 2016

Called me approx times already this week. wont response..

By Alicia Tisler 03 Apr 2016

I keep becoming missed calls from this number. today they left a voice mail but it just sounded like someone typing.BR i have to pay to get my voice mail so not impressed.

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    By Levon Edmonds 12 Jun 2016



    By Alvin Nishikawa 02 Feb 2016

    keeps calling inside middle of the night and hanging upwards.


    By Lois Foreman 11 Mar 2016

    fascination finally got the better of me today as this number kept calling me and as the code is my local region code i thought it must be a genuine call from a local company but as it price me p for a less than second call i think not they said they were your vehicle advisers i believe that is what it sounded enjoy and they then tell you how you can take your telephone amount away their list. do not can this as all you are doing is confirming your amount as a valid number so they could sell your details to other companies.


    By Angie Jepson 19 Apr 2016

    multiple calls from this number.


    By Jones Reicia 02 Jul 2016

    who are they


    By Marsha Woesner 30 May 2016

    totally disgusted this number is given by a car spares business SC's foreign auto parts as its phone number. it appears to be a mobile number but is inside fact a high charge speed number. first contact was made through spares and this company sent outside a result with this as its contact number do not use it inside Audion the part was never sent although payment was made for it when it did not turn upwards i had to request a refund which of course meant several further telephone calls. i was shocked when i received my telephone bill for the month and located the amounts charged for these calls.BR beware


    By Cari Wehmeyer 08 May 2016

    wear its DA's nerve


    By Akilandeswari Ramamoorthy 22 Jun 2016

    hi i got a missed call on this number please call me again


    By KAY GRIFFIN 23 May 2016

    several blank calls from this number. someone actually answered today. a will writing service i have now blocked them.


    By Marge Williams 31 Mar 2016

    this number has called me several times st time i told him i didn't have any computers here amp he actually inquired me are you sure you'd think i would know right well i can i have overly many but he didn't need to understand next time he called it was stupid time i was sleeping amp told him to f off this last time i didn't annoyance answering he tried with this amount amp a unavailable amount but i didn't reply either be really conscious scam artist overly many numbers

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