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By Kelly Schuller 11 May 2016

I dint know who is this.

By Brandi Hand 08 Mar 2016

Several calls from this amount.

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    By Sopt Net 14 Jul 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this number


    By Vicki Cecil 14 Jun 2016

    has rung times inside one nighttime left no messages as i couldn't reply it


    By Joshua Blum 22 Feb 2016



    By Isaac Valentine 22 Mar 2016

    amount named but nobody spoke when i replied phone


    By Thomas Pagliaro 13 Jan 2016

    named on cellular telephone. anyone know whose number it is


    By Thea Watlington 24 Apr 2016

    they are idiots ... i had a GE account paid on time subsequently undated my direct debit details GE failed to place new detail inside correctly and within took monthly payments outside instead of fortnight BR i was residing overseas so not stress about my account with them due to it being paid by direct debtor BR i returned to Australia to a amount of letter saying i was months behind inside payment and if i failed to bring account up to date i would be defaulted and sue for full equilibrium BR i contacted GE but they had already on sold to lion ....so am i erroneous to hang upward i have explained and even forwarded details but loin finance just care about the cash ... i have advised that i am willing to pay but they have said that the default may not be removed so why should i settle or pay GE made the blunder and lion believe they will threat inside me with legal activity ....they not listen or attention so i still work around seas and visit Australia once every months BR i still have same number and now and then receive calls from them ....but still they fail to understand that GE made the blunder and should mend the listing and i would pay in full BR BR so lion finance are dogs that have no Que or thought ......so yes they are a dodgy company


    By John Greenia 28 May 2016

    this number calls and never leaves a message.


    By John Jaser 04 Jul 2016

    dint understand who this is


    By Isabella Seibers 04 Jul 2016

    trying to tell me pay upwards or go to jail


    By William Jankel 25 May 2016

    our great government could cease these scum bags but dint even though it would be what they consistently crave a vote winner. this says one thing to me they re making cash themselves outside of it. Osborne shame on you.

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