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By Katie Menze 04 Jul 2016

I have this amount revealing on my telephone bill and a charge of the bogus call was made from my telephone when i in no place to be making calls it was a thirty minutes call at a price of . per minibar BR i have raised a log with pineapples and i have emailed click numbers i anticipate to hear a result but one thing i do understand this is a sycamore BR i now have a cap on my phone for no more premium speed numbers

By Christopher Rouille 16 Jun 2016

He as your name and address have you not thought of contacting the authorities let your phone company know around this they can and will put a block on these numbers.

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    By Chrstopher Erb 16 May 2016

    phoned company all weekend. inquired for my manager told him to leave a message he simply said call British gas. actually poor line


    By Gerard Arrais 06 Jan 2016

    Ni suspected debt collector drat


    By Risa Fields 20 May 2016



    By Deborah Itell 02 Jul 2016

    when i answer they hang upward.


    By Allan Castro 23 Mar 2016

    any ideas who calls from this number


    By Fred Speight 19 May 2016

    i am becoming calls but it can sent join is it a relay amount or a scam number


    By Marjorie Carter 28 Apr 2016

    u are true dopa


    By Cindd Limson 27 Feb 2016

    calls four times a day never leaves a message


    By Shawna Burnette 23 Jun 2016

    missed calf


    By Tammy Pavlat 28 Jun 2016

    so this man by the name of William Parker keeps calling my telephone asking for someone. i keep telling him i dint understand who that individual is. so just inquired me if i had a boyfriend. i told him it was none of his company. i inquired who he worked for and inquired to talk with a manager and he said it was none of my company. subsequently he started asking me derogatory questions. i told him if he called again that i would call the police. he subsequently stated that i wasn't who i said i was and named me a few poor names. i have had enough. the other numbers that he has named from are and . somebody please help me

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