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By Mizu Uchiha 12 Jul 2016

My father got a call from this number. blocked.

By Pamela Machuca 11 Jul 2016

Western union copies for a transport requested on my name

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    By Victoria Indelicato 27 May 2016

    think this is credit fashion debt collectors on a fishing excursion i.e. they want you affirm your name address etc so they will support you are still contactable re whatever debt they believe you owe. they will have bought debts for pennies and however chase you for the total amount the difference between what they pay and what they extract from you is their gain before their own costs. place this number in your phone under idiots and when they next call you and idiots flash upwards on your telephone only blow off they will move on to someone else. they know any debts they have purchased are really dodgy i.e no paperwork no signed agreements etc..they additionally know that if the original debt was water tight case then why didn't the original lender take you to court why sell it to these sharks for peanuts if you talk to them and give your details afterward expect more calls and threats that all they will would make threats or discuss you into a payment plan. payment plans overly may fall for this pay back say per month what you have done here is to support you are about and could pay which acknowledges you do owe the money dint afterward be surprised your account moves onto someone else who says your per month was Fine with but we are the new owners of your debt and we need more else we take you court. get on WWW..co.UK for advice.


    By Kristiana Abbott 21 Feb 2016

    who this person


    By Drake Chen 02 Jun 2016



    By Mollie Claw 07 Mar 2016



    By sherron harris 30 May 2016

    left no message


    By Susan Poelstra 06 May 2016

    lets see if she he complies. i have located more advice about them and their tactics on another newsgroup but will wait a while before posting lets merely say that it explains a lot.


    By timothy griffith 27 Apr 2016

    i dint know who is the owner of this amount and attempt to call me many times


    By Cece Smith-willard 24 Apr 2016

    this amount named my residence telephone. they didn't leave a message.BR


    By Florence Percival 21 May 2016

    send cash to release funds from escrow account


    By Chihnan Chang 24 Jun 2016


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