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By M m Apodaca 05 Jul 2016

If you understand afterward call again but if you re a cold caller strike my amount from your list.

By Ervin Baker 26 Mar 2016

Got a call from this amount.

By Claudia Boackle 10 Feb 2016

Multiple phone calls

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    By Dorothy Diadario 06 Jul 2016

    woman said they were at Hanover square gave the full address Microsoft technical section. she gave my license number which i envision is the regular applications permit. i asked if she knew my name since she had my phone.she gave the name of a preceding occupant of my house i believe but to be fair her accent was so powerful it was hard to comprehend her. i told her shes a liar and a thief and should be ashamed of herself go away and get a suitable occupation.


    By Julie Disch 04 Jun 2016

    I've had today


    By Tricia Dolnik 13 Jun 2016

    the amount is allocated to inert telex's ltd videophone. the call can be coming from everywhere.


    By Patrick Buckett 02 Feb 2016

    who is call me


    By Justin Winchester 14 Jun 2016

    its call me many time but no one say anything what the Hall it does.


    By Ali Tru 12 Jun 2016

    may i talk to the person responsible for the energy bills no they were eaten by pelicans pretty sure they ll keep calling back every day for all time though despite any implausible excuses or random abuse i give them.


    By Timothy Schofield 23 Jun 2016

    i have no idea whose this number. when i answered to the call they rang off almost immediately.


    By Michael Sibilia 28 Jan 2016

    this amount named several times.


    By Nargis Qadir 26 Jun 2016

    i didn't get a call but an email asking to call probably get charged a rend off fee when you dial it gt beware.BR BR email blob BR I am becoming inside touch as a member of our company had requested a call from you a small while past.BR BR we're searching to get some costs if we may pleasure BR would someone be capable to give me a call on BR BR i am inside and out of the office now so it possibly a case of trying to catch me when free or leave a vim.BR BR regards BR Eloy Ricardo


    By Ci Williams 26 Apr 2016

    got two calls so way today. first one i replied and the foreign guy that sounded middle eastern so ill purchase every ones claims that he was Egyptian named and from what little i could hinders rand he addressed me by name and said something around being eligible for a line of credit. he res the matter my husband has really awful credit and i have zilch credit. zip zero Nadia nothing. as inside never taken a loan outside in my name never had a credit card gotten a house or a car or even a cell telephone in my name so way. nothing. i have used for credit cards a few times the previous few years as well as for within shop on credit matters to be denied due to my lack of credit trail.i thought i heard wrong so i inquired to have him duplicate the information. there was either a lot of wind or a lot of static throughout the call and each of the following times i inquired he was becoming more aggravated and less intelligible. after the Th or Th time of not being able to hear i said great bye and hung up. got named again and didn't even hear my phone ring as it was charging inside the other room and my boys are really loud. given what little i could hear and the fact that i am having a challenging time getting approved for a loan or a line of credit for let alone i figured it was a scam and was inquisitive if anyone had a name for the business or individuals so i could report to the BBB.

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