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By M m Apodaca 05 Jul 2016

If you understand afterward call again but if you re a cold caller strike my amount from your list.

By Ervin Baker 26 Mar 2016

Got a call from this amount.

By Claudia Boackle 10 Feb 2016

Multiple phone calls

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    By Rachel Mccasling 02 Jul 2016

    i received a call from this amount and old enjoy to call back.BR please tell whose this number


    By Jessica Lundquist 27 Jan 2016

    this amount called me now April attempting to find out whether my son had shares inside royal dutch shell under the pretext of sending outside yearly reports. when i said i believed my son didn't have any he said it was a blunder and he would update his system and hung upwards. it was very suspect pretending to action on such vague advice. i cant see how the knowledge of who has which shares will gain them. no one would attempt the fake hostile takeover scam using royal dutch shell certainly that's the scam where they pretend that they are taking around the business and offer to buy your shares for more than they are worth within secret which is illegal afterward ask you for a fee. ah perhaps they just need suckers they intentionally put inside a few clues that it is a scam so that they dint have to waste their time on people who will get suspicious and pull outside before handing over the cash.


    By Marc Margolis 13 May 2016

    who owns the number


    By Elantra Sloan 15 Jan 2016

    unusual amount so ignored


    By Elizabeth Cynor 29 Jun 2016

    keep getting this call when answered they only ring off close them down please.


    By Loree Schorr 25 May 2016

    another unknown number


    By george giovani 31 Jan 2016

    who is this


    By Linda Abendroth 25 Jan 2016

    i dint know who


    By Eugene Adia 22 Jun 2016

    i get a call when decide upward nobody speaks


    By Mara Bernstein 09 Jul 2016

    Menkent Meuse yang began began

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