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By M m Apodaca 05 Jul 2016

If you understand afterward call again but if you re a cold caller strike my amount from your list.

By Ervin Baker 26 Mar 2016

Got a call from this amount.

By Claudia Boackle 10 Feb 2016

Multiple phone calls

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    By Asep Axe 29 May 2016

    watch outside if you call the amount in this thread. it shows up as bats charge rate NP which appears to come outside as a fraction under per minute.


    By Dana Zuelke 16 Apr 2016

    unknown caller number.BR unsolicited call to my little known unlisted private mobile amount so likely to be a ran don computer dial led call just.BR no message lefter no trace of amount possession online.BR i suspect bogus sales tear away scam caller so have blocked.


    By Ruby Maline 15 May 2016

    i am a pharmacy employee and aged come within all the time. if a caller ever asks the customer to purchase a green dot cash pack card. its a scam. no attorney electrical company bondsman physician etc will ever inquire you to purchase a money pack card and call Th back with the number. they will take a credit card by telephone. so many people are scammed and its horrible. please discuss to your elderly parents about these scams


    By Chea Meas 16 Apr 2016

    yes it's caller fox sames


    By Kathleen St.jacques 24 Apr 2016

    i also got call from this number they call so many times but i never response it.BR i never response a call from peculiar number. so this is from comb glad I've found this website.


    By Melitta Murphy 12 Mar 2016

    no one responded.


    By Kanoe Lani 18 Mar 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By John Goosby 12 Jun 2016

    got calls


    By Rosalind Santini 11 Apr 2016

    inquired by name to call them urgently and given a ref amount number. not understood to me.


    By Herbert Haile 04 May 2016

    no one spoke.

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