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By Casey Spidle 22 May 2016

Id had a lot of calls from this number that id missed because i was working but i finally replied one today. the woman used my name and referred to an accident. we had one a while ago so i let her continue. seemingly i could assert for my aches and pains thing can there be was no one inside the auto at the time she repeatedly talked over me and when i asked her to stop talking and listen to what i had to say she hung up quite rude

By Channell Fauntleroy 05 Mar 2016

Cambridge communications limited. you can whine around them through the nuisance calls page of their website or by calling customer services team on . they have lines at this Nan exchange alone worth blocking if you can.

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    By Frank Mamat 22 Feb 2016

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    By Harold Kollert 12 Jan 2016

    i got a missed call from this number


    By Tikierra Hunter 11 May 2016

    i received a couple of missed calls from this number and I am wondering who it belongs to


    By Erica Flott 13 May 2016

    I have got Bluetooth hearing aids for my telephone but these people call early within the morning before i get them inside. no message on my v mail and busy signal when i call back. blocked their amount and they called back a couple of days later with the last digit in their number one digit higher so its some vehicle dial telemarketer i figure.


    By Daryl Gillard 16 Mar 2016

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    By Sabrina Marchena 14 May 2016

    called back as there was no message just to have music played to me. no message to say what the company was.


    By David Kaya 18 Apr 2016

    legal calling


    By Dena Weatherd 25 Jun 2016

    temple university


    By Erin Drum 19 Apr 2016

    who call this


    By Tracey Starnes 01 May 2016

    digital Eco research in other words scampers attempting to get your details to sell on to other pests.

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