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By Brett Beadles 09 Jul 2016

No one answered when answered

By Livia Tisma 25 May 2016

Searching for old friend

By Dana Urrutia 11 Mar 2016

Spam call and they leave no message. when you call it back it asks if you want to code your amount onto the don't call list by pressing . no identity of what the business is though.

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    By Keenan Lilyquist 01 Jun 2016



    By Wesley Stringer 12 May 2016

    called .BR BR who are these idiots


    By Michael Weidenbaum 07 Apr 2016

    named me on my cellular telephone number.


    By Kyle Vierling 08 Jul 2016

    this is the same as the fake Microsoft telephone calls. it's a sycamore i got a call from an Indian lady saying i had viruses on my PC. i let her go through the whole spiel pretending i was following her education afterward she told me to log onto some website. that's where i turned on her stating i am an i.t. professional and told her she was talking bollocks and i know that she is striving to scam me. wasted minutes of their phone bill becoming her to triple duplicate everything she said because i could not comprehend her. all my PCs have triple protection and are always kept up to date.BR scam scam scam scam scam scam scam sycamore never let anyone know the details of your computer or install applications initiated from a phone call.BR BR i additionally have other techniques to cope with these sort of phone calls. if they stay on the line i tell them I'm merely going to put you on hold afterward hold the telephone next to large speakers and press the unmet button so the music plays through the speakers extremely loudly. after a while i mute the music and inquire if the caller is still there if so i say sorry for the wait he she is just coming and place them back on loud hold.


    By Mishki Mars 09 Mar 2016

    powerful scam call powerful had a pare recorded voice mail on my cellular telephone now saying it was heather grey from Homeric and to call back on a given number urgently. had an thought it was a scam so called a authentic Homeric amount and explained what had happened. was told it was a scam through phone calls texts and email using distinct numbers but always use the same name. they tell people they're owing Homeric around and they need a payment towards it immediately


    By Katrina Vinson 08 Mar 2016

    harassing my son claiming to be his sister


    By Connie Goodwin 21 May 2016

    only got a missed call from this number.


    By MONTEL STANLEY 29 Jun 2016

    called about my sky carton and i was paying month on a repair care contract. i have never paid for this kind of cover so another chancier.


    By Shoan Ponder 29 May 2016



    By mdlaka sbcglobal.net Michael 19 Feb 2016

    caller id showed this number didn't answer no message left.

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