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By Duane Dahmen 11 Jan 2016

Anyone know who this is

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    By Krogseng Darrel 25 Apr 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By Angelita Allen 01 Jul 2016

    did not reply.


    By Lawrence d. Clites 16 May 2016

    named our retail business today .. trying to scam about windows faults. we simply played the game till they hung upwards.sounded African. although caller i.d.is a south finish amount this call did not originate here. reported to b.t. but they re not remotely interested. i wonder why


    By Karen l Sampson 25 Mar 2016

    does anybody know WHO's number this is


    By jackie villa 11 Jul 2016

    how to get your money back from international personals white label dating BR who to contact firstborn BR you cant generally report a trader directly to trading standards. this is because not all local offices offer a public service. however trading standards has an understanding with citizens guidance to help you report the issue. you may contact either BR the citizens advice consumer service Orr your local citizens advice bureau.BR BR experienced advisers will assess your problem and work outside whether to pass it on to trading standards. nevertheless they wont be capable to create a decision around whether trading standards will take on your case.BR BR if the issue is passed on it's called a referral. when trading standards have received the referral they determine whether they are able to help you and may contact you directly.BR BR some local trading standards offices do offer a drop inside service for the public. you will check whether there's one inside your region by contacting your local power or the citizens advice consumer helpline.BR what information do you need to report a problem BR before you contact citizens guidance gather as much advice as you can to support your issue. this will help the advisor determine if your problem will be passed on to trading standards.BR BR attempt to give details AFB BR what the issue ISBN what you know about the Bradbury paperwork including bills invoices quotes and estimates or contracts notes of any conversations you've already had with the trader including dates witnesses who will confirm what you re saying photos or video evidence of the difficulty.BR BR what happens if trading standards take on your difficulty BR if trading standards take on your case its important to know what may happen next.BR BR the advice you give trading standards may be passed on to other bodies with the power to take action against the trader. for example BR the office of fair trading the placebo the courts service.BR BR if there is a prosecution you may be asked to give evidence against the trader within court.BR BR yet not all cases finish upwards inside court. trading standards doesn't have to prosecute a trader even when its clear that a criminal offence has been perpetrated and the trader is likely to be convicted. they may pick to take no action or to give the trader a warning.BR BR if a trader is found guilty the court has the power to award settlement of up to inside cases where money has been lost. nevertheless even if a trader is successfully prosecuted you may not get your cash back as the court doesn't have to do this particularly if the trader cant manage to pay.BR BR if you are awarded settlement it cant be any more than the worth of the goods or services that you've lost. you usually cant assert for distress or additional losses that are challenging to put a value on.BR what to do if trading standards cant help yob BR occasionally trading standards wont be able to help you personally and you may have to take other activity to solve your issue. you Goldberg BR whine directly to the Bradbury contact a trade association if the trader is a member use alternative dispute resolution for example the ombudsman take the trader to court.BR BR your citizens guidance advisor will be able to tell you what else you can do to solve your problem.BR BR even if they dint take your case on trading standards may still collect evidence around the trader and may decide to take action at a later date.BR next steps BR to report a difficulty to trading standards you Canberra BR call the citizens advice consumer helpline visit your local citizens guidance institution. to find details of your nearest taxi see nearest taxi.BR BR a .guidance direct.org. ... standards.hombre BR royal borough of Windsor and maidenhead trading standards


    By Corinne Stefanson 07 Jun 2016

    who has a phone amount enjoy this one


    By James Spalla 06 May 2016

    simply received a call from this number . did not reply and place it on my reject list. searches to come from overseas.


    By Jerilyn Spencer 21 Apr 2016

    stalking fruit iteration owns this number


    By Mark Bai 05 Jan 2016

    same here and I am from the Netherlands. weird..


    By Muho Ferhatovic 12 Feb 2016

    yes that's the text i got from Sarah

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