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By Duane Dahmen 11 Jan 2016

Anyone know who this is

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    By Venita Frye 11 Mar 2016

    this amount named me and said it was around my Facebook page.


    By Heather Zeik 31 May 2016

    got a call from this phone number.


    By Justin Diggs 26 Jun 2016

    i have no idea. this makes no sense. there are too many numbers


    By Kirk Pagnucco 01 May 2016

    only had a call from this amount demanding to talk to the husband she was persistent but it did not ring true when she said she could not talk to me. the individual claimed to be Barclay's bank but when i rang the number i had already for Barclay's it is not one of their numbers fraud dept confirmed this.


    By Glenna Craw 16 May 2016

    keep getting calls from this amount discount them Indian who cant speak correctly scam.


    By Sam Quintal 30 Jun 2016

    got a missed call


    By Annmarie Wantke 21 Apr 2016

    who is that


    By Fritzson Tales 20 Feb 2016

    x same day no express mail left so not critical call.


    By Alan Olds 05 Jan 2016

    Cambridge communications limited. you could whine through the nuisance calls page of their site or by telephone to customer services team on . they have lines at this Leicester exchange alone and entirely on their own can justify call bickers.


    By Bladimy Adenival 01 Apr 2016

    we received a call yesterday.

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