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By Susan Pankhurst 24 Jan 2016

Keeps phoning my mobile

By M j Brown 05 Jan 2016


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    By Daniel Hornschemeier 13 Feb 2016

    Indian scummier claiming to be online technical support.


    By Kimberly Obrien-krivda 02 Jul 2016

    this actually was a telephone call from Rb's. i had one moments after i spoke with the phone banking service. the just reason you would get a call enjoy this is if someone has put your number as their contact number on their bank account by blunder.BR hope this helps.


    By Christine Whitfield 03 Apr 2016

    got a call


    By Andrea r Cristancho 27 Jun 2016

    i merely got named and she said it was a private matter.BR I'm thinking she had a business that may have dealt with us.BR did you also have one


    By Fernand Audette 19 Jun 2016

    call claimed to be from BTU Indian woman said i had corrupted net file which she would remove call at am.. subsequently she said to log on and would take Min's to reveal me the difficulty... undoubtedly the strategy was to then load a virus or something similar.. sounded believable.. early morning added to its real feel...pretended to give details so i could call back but when i tried to continue that manner she said call had to be dealt with there and then.. eventually she hung up.. these people must be stopped as i am sure since this morning someone is now a casualty...


    By Charis Ennals 07 Jul 2016

    i had a phone call from this guy yesterday from a different mobile number re my creditors i have none. i told him he phoned me yesterday and that it was all rubbish and he hung up


    By Aaron Arndt 24 Feb 2016

    i have had numerous calls from this telephone number demanding money for eBay. i have never had an eBay account and never will i have heard awful narratives from folks that have had to pay debt that is not even theirs. BR BR the greatest matter to can is to tell the individual on the telephone that who ever they're looking for you have never heard of them within your life they must have the erroneous amount and that you want your amount removed from their system instantaneously as this is a breach of harassment and is against the law. if they refuse to remove your number which they generally dint simply tell them that you will be contacting the office of rational trading. they generally get frightened and tell you that the number has been removed and they are sorry to annoyance you.BR BR if for some reason the calls persist simply tell them that you will be making a proper complaint to the office of rational trading they will soon stop. BR BR it's happened to me i told them this and they never named again trust this helps and dint get too worried about OTB BR also don't share any private information with them that could lead to them holding anything against you refuse to give them any information


    By Gregory Galyo 14 Jul 2016

    this number calls and never leaves a message.


    By Audrey Helm 04 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Dale Cowley 17 Jun 2016

    keeps calling my number.

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