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By Wafa Abdelati 06 Jun 2016

I got a call from this amount now . he had a quite hefty emphasis . he said he was trying to send a Microsoft upgrade to my computer . i told him i dint have a computer and he said well its revealing on my end that you have a computer and Microsoft isn't responding . i responded with truly i have an apple mac book ace it doesn't use Microsoft so take your scam somewhere else. then i advised him that i was on the national don't call list and if he contacts me again i will press charges. this is a scam

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    By suriya sanglab 30 Jun 2016

    telephone calls with no one on line when decided upward.


    By CARMELITA BERNABE 17 Jan 2016

    quire saber quine es


    By Ethan Laehn 27 Jun 2016

    quite affecting with this number


    By Valorie Johnston 23 Jun 2016

    this number is so annoying they keep calling claiming there are company collecting database I am sure who are they


    By S Meisner 09 Jun 2016

    this has just been reported as a scam number by peter borough city council do not annoyance answering


    By Fred Bieren 17 Jun 2016

    no Ni pun DA call says TD..Tanya Dir Rb...DOA tau kt mania say busk AC bank


    By Chongmin Wang 17 Jun 2016

    same Asian accent claiming to be from HSBC bank my wife put the phone down after being silent with him shouting for her to speak upward. rang again i answered he said he needed to talk with my wife urgently and got angry when i refused i place the telephone down after uttering a few expletives. he rang back a third time to tell us he was going to close her account if i did not pass the phone to her.BR its all quite well having a laugh about these morons but there are old and vulnerable people outside there who are really intimidated with these criminals. when is it going to be stopped


    By Dennis Zavistowski 18 Feb 2016

    call silent afterward dead after a couple of seconds then the call came again a minute later. no thought who it is and not calling a dodgy looking amount back either for anxiety of a enormous telephone bill from it.


    By Ondrea barefoot Weeks 18 Apr 2016

    i have had a call additionally from Dryden solicitors saying i owe them cash through the Homeric. i don't and i gave them my book keeper and accountants number and they didn't even telephone them to deal with. i believe they are a scam


    By Terry Kemerer 21 May 2016

    i just got a call from this amount to my cell phone.

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