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By Nancy Morrissey 18 Mar 2016

I receive a call from this amount at the same time every single day but i replied once nobody replied ha vent replied since

By Anita Morton 18 Jan 2016

They called about a learner ship within axolotls and I am not sure about it

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    By Deberah Brooks 03 Apr 2016

    who is the owner


    By Nancye Bailey 01 Jul 2016

    called by this amount this afternoon he said he was calling re my problems with my computer i told him i didn't have a computer and he said oh right and hung upward. these people need to be stopped i am aware of scams like this but not everyone is.


    By Charles Lindbeck 02 Jan 2016

    none of this batch of numbers has ever been issued consequently they exist just within cyberspace so no one can call or locate them. the fraud community has caught on to this within recent weeks as will a quick scan down the latest calls list on Cm demonstrate. clever little trick to encourage potential victims to response their telephone from apparently a essential London UK caller.BR of com within its customary wisdom amp eternal optimism has set apart for film amp television companies to use when an actor is making a telephone call bit enjoy every amount on u.s. produced movie amp TV uses Ann xx xx where Ann would be n.y. or la place codes etc.BR anyway Thur some clever Hogwarts type wizardry the number you see ain't constantly what it appears.BR for what its worth if your caller show has with any digits ignore block if you could dint answer it therein lies the route to despair and loss of cash.


    By Chassity Partain 15 May 2016

    recorded message from poi parasites dint hassle answering


    By Chadwick Mixon 07 Feb 2016

    marked telephone call several time a day.


    By Denis Rickey 15 Mar 2016

    just missed a call from this amount i dint answer arbitrary numbers calls. its ob vi an Auckland number i stay west Auckland might narrow it even more or anyone locate out who it was


    By George Kelsey 02 Apr 2016

    had a similar message and again didn't trust it so e mailed back and asked for more info.


    By Sondra Hills 25 Apr 2016

    a guy asks if a Mrs my old married name which i ha vent used for years and badly pronounced was in. i inquired who it was Dave Dave who Dave pause apple by.BR BR seemingly they're doing energy surveys in my region .BR BR i said i didn't have time at the moment and could he give me his number so i can call back.BR BR he said yes of courser BR and hung up.......


    By Everett Hammel 04 Jul 2016

    did not reply.


    By maxbalan yahoo.com Max 19 Mar 2016


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