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By Lindsay Sumpter 20 May 2016

Call from a man with an exceptionally strong Indian emphasis. inquired for me by name and if he could ask a few questions. politely declined and hung upwards. I'm sure I have already hung up on this man once before. had to have been a distinct amount though i constantly block them.

By Sharlinda Spettel 03 Mar 2016

Repeated calls on caller i.d.

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    By Kayccia Jones 25 Feb 2016

    not known


    By Louiphene Premiot Pierre Louis 05 Mar 2016

    called me Min's ago nobody there


    By JENNIFER BREWER 11 Jun 2016

    whats amusing to me is they are calling a cell telephone i hardly ever use and is turned off most of the time. i text ed them back and said bugger away. I'm only out cash if i response their call. i delete all texts i dint annoyance to read any they send. does not take a second simply hit delete all. bet they're inside a bit of a poor disposition. so if they continue to call afterward it keeps them from calling other individuals.that means they have fewer chances to make a challenging sell to someone else. so it means less cash for them and they're so stupid they dint get what i did.BR BR i have just gotten two calls so much today but i continued to get them until pm last nighttime. i got a total of calls from different numbers. i think it's hilarious because they believe they're keeping me from talking and interrupting me. when within fact that phone is away most of the time and i just use it to call if i am at the shop or i am back and about to come indoors. so they are wasting a ton of time calling my amount. they believe they're playing me when within fact i am playing them.BR BR numbers .BR BR all are connected in some way because i did not text bugger off to all of them just around half.


    By Barry Pedell 09 Jun 2016

    v keeps calling now ...Saturday. when i answer they hang up


    By Beverly Kubsch 26 Jun 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Jay Vas 20 Apr 2016

    she call me everyday


    By Bernard Allor 05 Apr 2016

    i dint know this no pals identify


    By Virginia Hahn 15 Jun 2016

    i have called i could not ACTH and i did not when calling the number


    By Gabrielle Lawson 08 Jul 2016

    an dam Na Doha Jude


    By JOE WATKINS 25 Apr 2016

    hi my mum merely phoned to tell me some woman from this amount called her asking for me and it was relating to my PayPal account. she told them i was at work and asked exactly why she was calling. the girl subsequently said it had nothing to can with her and that she had to talk to me. getting worried how did she get my telephone number and my name help

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