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By Brian Seekon 12 Mar 2016

When i replied nobody replied.

By Zacharia Andriene 21 Feb 2016

Named twice at am amp am inside the morning. barred call after ND ring back. telephone look upwards states Bangladesh number.

By Connie Perschbacher 28 Jan 2016

Calls twice inside one hour leaves no MSG. i believe this is the atmosphere duct individuals again as they call every day i dint understand anyone inside Illinois and i dint even have a furnace

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    By Kenneth Hollen 19 Apr 2016

    who is using this number


    By Jonni Fredrickson 23 Jun 2016

    does anyone know who calls from this phone amount.


    By Kevin Faye 29 May 2016

    this is British petrol call instantly about your petrol supply


    By Tom Sweigart 30 Jun 2016

    Rob call. the reason of this call is to enlighten you that IRS is filing litigation against you. to get more tips about this case file please call immediately on our section amount at . i repeat . thank you.BR BR shush they call every day and leave a message. i once spoke with among these IRS spoofs once. they are horrible horrible and abusive. they attempt to extort cash and threaten imprisonment lawsuits etc. please warn everyone you know particularly older folks that it's a scam and to hang upwards immediately.


    By Myia Shepard 02 Jun 2016

    text me saying it was apple and that i had one misses message. dodgy link to click into to get the message which i didn't. another dodgy looking link to unsubscribe so i have deleted.


    By Andrea Armas 24 May 2016

    called and hung upwards when i answered.


    By Lynn Greathouse 30 Jun 2016

    who is this persistent caller. they have called times today and have been calling us on a routine biases for weeks. no message left on reply machine. when i have answered they ask for the erroneous name other times only silencer may only presume they are cold callers.


    By Sunita Gandhi 21 Jan 2016

    telephone call


    By Byungseok Min 21 Jun 2016

    we've been receiving these calls daily. today the call began with a man who sounded as though he had an Indian accent stating his assert of being an IRS investigator but matters escalated quickly to us being called mom followed instantaneously by sexual harassment. the caller asked to talk to my wife stating he had a Jamaican d and he desired to f her. we informed the caller that this dialog was being recorded as it has been. the caller disconnected the call after he was advised that we had his phone number.


    By Jenny Gannaway 30 Apr 2016

    when i replied nobody was there.

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