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By Brian Seekon 12 Mar 2016

When i replied nobody replied.

By Zacharia Andriene 21 Feb 2016

Named twice at am amp am inside the morning. barred call after ND ring back. telephone look upwards states Bangladesh number.

By Connie Perschbacher 28 Jan 2016

Calls twice inside one hour leaves no MSG. i believe this is the atmosphere duct individuals again as they call every day i dint understand anyone inside Illinois and i dint even have a furnace

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    By Julie Deloera 17 May 2016

    constantly ringing me


    By Aprille Johnston 26 Mar 2016

    decided up telephone and there was silence on the other finish.


    By William Watlington 01 Jul 2016

    this no was on my Bill. who might it be


    By Sonya Kamin 10 Jun 2016

    he was simply quiet. i know nothing about him and i need you to help me locate out who the call came from


    By Ricky Justice 21 Apr 2016



    By Nikki Peck 20 Jun 2016

    Samar jugs. no Mintaka Dario magma magistrate unstuck menages no ICC Dan Almaty rum ah. sure says call dating sharing .BR possibly debt collector.


    By Jeannie Leinwand 30 Apr 2016

    I have had messages from Barclay's trying to contact me i replied one it was an automated message saying they re checking my details.... well I have been on hold to porn fashion saxophone music for the last Min's seconds to be precise


    By Racheal Heisner 09 Mar 2016



    By Dana Clarrissimeaux 14 Jun 2016

    claimed to be calling from discuss discuss.


    By Leeann Carson 21 May 2016

    spam caller..hung up

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