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By Laurie Kinteh 12 Jun 2016

This amount has named my residence several times.

By Jacqueline Davies 12 Mar 2016

Did not leave a voice message.

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    By Bertha Hougui 12 Apr 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.


    By Scott Leger 16 Apr 2016

    Harte die bummer such sch on AF Dem show Ind grade toadstool MIT grandam Gretchen its eon call middle DA's fr Bosch hamburg kl momenta plimsolls vertebrate.BR schnoz tag


    By Candace Miracle 30 Apr 2016

    located you


    By Cynthia e Dewey 21 May 2016

    merely got an old scam from a new spoofed fake amount demonstrating from Birmingham AL. this was the old Sarah from credit card....blah blah blah similar to another Rachel from credit card..... in case anyone doesn't already understand the no call list dilemma is useless these are criminals trolling numbers randomly attempting to commit fraud. you essentially cant cease them once they find your number. they locate an active amount by arbitrary dialing using a hijacked fake number and subsequently you are inside their system. these rings apparently pass or sell these numbers to each other. just block the amount and go from there. so tired of these predators. what i dint comprehend is why they call the same numbers like mine around and around again with varied fraud schemes presuming that something will work. this is an unbelievable nuisance i started record these numbers and within the past year have received likely calls from different fake numbers. id change my phone number if i could but i actually cant would that.


    By Caitlyn Driscoll 02 Feb 2016

    got a disconnected call when answered


    By Twana Wiens 19 May 2016

    how is chi BR don't answer


    By R Ulbricht 04 Jul 2016

    rude pics


    By Kathie Mangione 10 Jul 2016

    keeps calling. who is it


    By Teri Guenette 22 May 2016

    Honda survey apparently


    By Kwane Mcswain 04 Jun 2016

    got a call from this number but no clue as to who it was. it would be pleasant if they left a message so that i would understand if i desire to talk to them

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