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By Alan Linge 14 Jul 2016

Message appears on computer start up and appears to be personalized to sky broadband customers. states that you should call the amount to fix a virus

By Tracey Mouton 26 Feb 2016


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    By Rickey Pinckney 11 Apr 2016



    By Maxine Flessert 18 Jun 2016

    Abram me DE Luger um empress DE Nome pleasantness do numeric respond a um percent DE Sade e Gandhi um promo no valor DE e Mai's um . a peso Que flour comic attraction SE ti past Olivier e Mancini o numeric DE telephone Del para He Luger ca so recesses o tail promo... Teri Que Ir Levant o promo Na residential Jo Capella em Avery. BR luge para a residential para flair com um tail DE vain a confirm SE tin ham condiment DA sitar... BR infirmary me Que EULA encountered SE numb pavilion AI la can Que tin ha Sid alligator peal tail empress pleasantness e Que MIT Genet team ID la Levant promos mas Que eels opens Occam o ESP..BR resuming oi es to fits INS com OS outgrows oi en to Verde.BR VOA l para confirm...


    By Donna Saleen 12 Jul 2016

    is this Ur number


    By Lisa Bianchi 14 Apr 2016

    wants to sell you a Disney excursion. scam alert


    By Glenn Vesper 12 Jun 2016

    odd message via email


    By reserchaw hotmail.com William 22 Jan 2016

    i have got a call from this telephone mobile amount around . pm on may . as i was active with some other work i could not handle to take the call. i would like to know who called me and from where.


    By Michael Kneidinger 15 Apr 2016

    i got a call from a number that inquired for my name and when i said i was not there the hung ed upwards how do they know my name this is theory Th time calling


    By S Crotty 06 Jul 2016

    missed call from this amount...


    By Anna Steward 16 Apr 2016

    same old same old press if you desire to lower your interest rate


    By Nancy Chairez 02 May 2016

    its a scam... they say you have a problem with your computer and they need to take distant control of your computer... they say they work for Microsoft... they also need your credit card amount... do not give any advice to those scampers

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