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By Steve Mckinnon 13 Jun 2016

Called and hung upward with no message.

By Kurtiss Davenport 01 Apr 2016

I dint know who this is and the region code doesn't exist. telemarketer scummier collection bureau no way to locate outside without the threat of being scammed.

By James Ostrosky 09 Jan 2016

Gotten calls from this Boise id and its listed as spam scam.

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    By Rosalind Alvarado 17 Jan 2016

    the number named me at work.


    By Kevin Salamone 21 Jan 2016

    is this Sims true i am becoming the same message. or could it be scam


    By Grace Crowner 06 Jul 2016

    this man made a peculiar call to me


    By Brittany Hirt 17 Apr 2016

    this amount keeps ringing me but quiet on the other finish.


    By SEAN HAMILTON 07 May 2016

    i have calls form sales folks all the time i dint see it as a difficulty everyone seems to get wound upward by it. its merely a call you answer it if your not interested within it subsequently say i am not interested thanks finish of call. outside of all the sales calls i get i had one that truly got me a better deal on my mobile. but in summary exactly why is it such a big difficulty you have options . dint response . merely press the red button instead of the green one . response it . answer it and hang upwards.


    By Michlelle Hansen 25 Feb 2016

    Z Mir Monte Sir expire wont in Frankfurt...


    By Shaun Poulson 05 Apr 2016

    phoned above as tbs bank advised and the number merely played music.


    By Willie Johnsons 11 Jan 2016

    rang told me it was jenny calling around the lotto still dint understand what she desired


    By Christie Gobble 08 Jun 2016

    them am i speaking to James me nob them BR me because he didn't response the telephone.BR them .BR they then hung upwards


    By Jason Bordelon 24 Jun 2016

    multiple calls distinct times of day no message.

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