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By Deanna Kerns 19 May 2016

Needs to understand WHO's call me

By Bobby Folds 14 Apr 2016

Nark tau amount uni nu be shape

By Jill Pelka 14 Jan 2016

Got a call from this no attempting to transform my telephone business sounds dodgy to me so when i questioned them they cut me off

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    By Joni Dixon 28 May 2016

    merely got a missed call from this amount.


    By Billy Saulters 11 Mar 2016

    unknown caller


    By Guanesha Durant 06 Feb 2016

    this person rang last night about .pm when i said hello could not comprehend a word she said and put the telephone down.


    By donelle jacquot 08 Apr 2016

    it is potential co use i did it and they ring me all time


    By Theresa Boykin 27 Mar 2016

    i received a call from this number and is continuously annoying me


    By Claudine Smith 20 Jun 2016

    they threatened to sue me..threat of bankrupts..etc


    By Sarah Gygutis 26 Feb 2016

    i am sick of these calling me anytime of the day there has got to be a law out there to cease all these going on .so when we complain i trust it does not go on deaf ears thanks


    By gayle sauer 02 Jul 2016

    sap er NIH


    By Stewart Best 14 Jun 2016

    hi everyone i understand this has been posted before and generated a lot of feedback from other who have been caught out by this scam they are called schools supplies serviceable they assert that for a one away fee of for months you have access to all the schools within the local area to marketplace your business and sell to them.BR unfortunately i fell sufferer to this con due to the amount of pressure on the telephone call before i could read all the reviews i attempted to cancel immediately and have never logged on to my account. they will not let you out of the contract knowing excellent well that you have no choice but to pay. they send endless threats regarding what will occur if you dint pay and never return phone calls. the so called salesman is named john Evans and a horrid accounts ladybird BR don't get sucked into this one i would love to here other peoples experiences and how they managed to conclude this. please enlighten any business you come across regarding this complete con


    By Lang-chih Chen 28 Jan 2016

    simply had a call from this number Asian female. couldn't amount outside who she wanted to speak to and when i inquired her to repeat it all went quiet.BR BR had no problems with the net though.

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