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By Bobby Lanum 28 Jun 2016

Well it would cost them money as they re calling from India hence they hung up.BR BR what just did you anticipate from such an obviously overseas spoofed amount calling ..

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    By Folkeringa Ronald 08 Jun 2016

    same thing happened to me today.BR the same man. is quite chilling because i know for sure they dint get any alert from my computer. be cautious everybody


    By CHRIS RIDER 08 May 2016

    received a call. no one was on the line after my response.


    By Carmen Couch 16 Mar 2016

    i got this amount for PC refurbished and they did send me the Peugeot parts but they were for the wrong period model so i refused and sent straight back with the same courier. they are now saying that they never received them and that PayPal has withheld the money yet PayPal have shut the case due to them denying receiving returned parts so they have now got my and the auto parts ........steer well clear from these con artists.


    By Brandi Forte 23 Jan 2016

    if you call this number back you will get a record stating they are the conservative majority fund. then you will get options press for representative for headquarters or to be put on their do not call list. i pressed i also blocked this number on my phone.


    By Eva Mesteth 12 May 2016

    stock mar kt i said send me details. so i could verified him.


    By Alice Furia 21 May 2016

    named me times no message. drove me mad


    By Richard a. Ewing 22 May 2016

    today i got call from same amount and they are telling around investments.


    By Alberta Bowers 29 Jun 2016



    By Dina Salsbery 15 May 2016

    no answer.


    By Vianey Gonzalez 03 Feb 2016

    got a call from this phone amount.

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