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By Gac Lukaj 25 May 2016

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    By josie cobos 09 Jan 2016

    think this is accident scampers i would love to sue them as they will not delete my details from their site


    By Jared Arford 18 Mar 2016

    why fuss it is shown elsewhere as a car injury nuisance caller.


    By Richardson Wallace 28 Mar 2016

    the amount belongs to Witt international which is part of the Freeman's group. they have a freephone amount that you could call at their expense to find out what you would love to know. . you should not be receiving a charge if you have not made a call.


    By Sharon Scales 06 Jan 2016

    same stuff looking for a occupation but the advert is a scam and the owner of the amount gets paid via your phone bill thanks talcum at premium speed charges. the job never existed.


    By Starlett Marcus-forbes 02 Jul 2016

    i had several calls a day from this amount . anybody knows who it is


    By Kevin Stetz 06 Jun 2016

    called my unpublished house amount.


    By Alex Coones 07 Jun 2016

    yeah. i should do the same. lets see they still need to harass us for filing a dispute and filing a authorities report against them. i wonder exactly why they are not becoming arrested for scamming individuals.


    By Kathy Tolman 08 Mar 2016

    who owns this telephone number


    By Wa Zak 05 Feb 2016

    call center


    By Debra Abshire 13 Jun 2016


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