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By Steve Ralls 11 May 2016

If you have a worry about any of the numbers quoted here please contact pineapples a service from of com through HTTP.pineapples.org.UFO consumers contact us for consumers no charge may be made for receiving a call unless the service is registered.

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    By Zenoba Odle 22 Feb 2016

    its a fake call from UK border house office the site a .co.UK is fake overly Akbar contact amount. do not fall prey


    By Robbie Fetz 22 Feb 2016

    this amount keeps calling.


    By Greg Rioux 10 Apr 2016

    unknown number called me


    By Sara Masswig 20 Jun 2016

    repeated calls on caller i.d.


    By Jordan Ransone 31 May 2016

    OK....you've made your point cease calling me now.


    By Steven Sparks 19 May 2016

    charged me for the phone call


    By Kyma Johnson 01 Jul 2016

    smith you are the third scummier. isn't it humorous how all your places sound the same. we are wise to you so go away.


    By Long Carl 06 May 2016

    best matter to would with nuisance calls is to take the call and ask them to hold for a sec. if you have not identified yourself inquire them to hold as if you are going to get the right man. subsequently put the telephone down on your desk and go about your regular business. they wont hold for long BR BR can this each time you get a call. they soon give up


    By April Box 02 Jun 2016

    chilly caller named twice now claiming i had registered with them to reclaim bank details i hadn't. the sales individual named Gary seemingly was very evasive about removing my details from their database. rude and competitive. don't response this number


    By FLOYD W REDCROSS JR 24 May 2016

    got calls

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