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By Lynne Eberhart 13 May 2016


By Tia Dewitt 17 Mar 2016

Sorry. i have just simply seen your post. winding up orders are nothing to can with domain names. they are for companies. the clue is the fact that they are issued by companies house.

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    By Roberto Pavon 18 Apr 2016

    a man asking to talk to Matt. told him he had the erroneous number he said that the amount had been left with regards to a criticism around an injury at work. when i told him i knew nothing around it he then inquired when i had last had an injury at work.


    By Kalynn Yadon 07 Jul 2016

    itch bin bin Set woven dab. jest Han itch DA's heir undercut. bin bis her Noe Drano ganging Weill itch sloucher bummer Gen discount ab er jest Wei's itch DA's es such such niche lint. nerve tuts ab er trotted.


    By Heidi Smith 12 Jul 2016

    ho la


    By Tanja l James 08 May 2016

    i have no credit Pl call again


    By Erin Karp 11 Jul 2016

    hi i am with Lamaism they're brilliant i got ripped off inside December for probably my fault for not paying focus. the next month i kept deleting their texts not realizing i was being charged each time. i rang Lamaism and they explained what was happening they credited the total and place a block on all premium texts plus i had to Sims cease to the number. i got a text from open market yesterday it searched like nothing had happened so i rang Lamaism and they said clearly they have taken no notice so one will possibly keep becoming texts but there will not be any charges as the block is working absolutely. BR PS we're pensioners and cant afford this.


    By Joshua Armentrout 03 May 2016

    Asian chap tried to convince me he was from citizens guidance idiot. i led him on for a bit and had some pleasure afterward he hung up. bell finish.


    By Harriet Whelton 07 May 2016

    you attempted call me telephone ans you a reach me


    By Julie Austinwarthaw 18 Apr 2016



    By Allison Sparco 02 May 2016

    these folks are phoning to see anyone has been within an accident within the last years scampers they are phoning mobile numbers


    By Devendra Awasthi 24 Jun 2016

    receives call from this amount nearly every day and i wonder what it is

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