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By C Belec 15 Jan 2016

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    By Memorye Severio 10 Apr 2016

    when i replied nobody replied.


    By German Eberhardt 19 Jun 2016

    I am becoming them. i believe they are a finance company linked to a car showroom near uneaten offering credit to folks with poor credit ratings. cant say for sure but becoming these calls since i made an query however i wont be calling them back.


    By Chaka Barber 01 Jun 2016

    same narrative here.... sent them a letter asking to terminate my contract and i guess they must got it today Cox them silly telephone calls began not sup raised Pol get fed upwards with it been attempting to sort outside few things with Vonda but their customer attention is rubbish cant wait till finish of my contract ain't gonna answer any of their calls either .... if there's anything actually urgent leave a bloody message on answerphone


    By Mia Swails 06 Jun 2016

    no message


    By Allyson Watts 15 Jun 2016

    not a authentic UK number.


    By Maranda Ferguson 16 Feb 2016

    exactly why can you keep calling


    By Judy Severance 23 Mar 2016

    Ho la Cameron


    By Jerry Rutherford 09 May 2016

    yes this is an automated appointment verification call from Cambridge's HS donnybrooks to verify and offer you options on an appointment that you or someone in your family has booked. all automated like voter registration press press etc. system will ring you several times inside efforts to get replied. ringing back got me an automated reply and then switched me to the verify options.


    By Carolyn Ahewell 06 Jul 2016

    .BR received the call as well merely now April . girl around the phone offers to its PDT land line subscribers a month post paid contract sun mobile that is free.BR BR within that any excess usage from the allotted text to all networks hr calls to PDT land line and intelligent discuss amp text and MB mobile surfing will be charged Thur a different billing statement from sunlight cellular that will come together with your monthly PDT land line bill.BR BR if you dint yet exceed this allotment subsequently you dint pay anything inside the post paid contract of sunlight cellular. it does not have a lock within interval so to speak and service may be terminated anytime.BR BR the free subscription is limited to months only and beyond that it will convert to a subscriber paying no longer free strategy i think i forgot.BR BR already verified with PDT that this promo is existing legitimate customer service popular line although they cannot verify the acreage line number used as it may be a sun cellular business property line number.


    By Aaron Foutz 27 Feb 2016

    this amount has named me times when i answer a voice says goodbye.

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