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By Matt 13 Jun 2017

These fuckers keep calling me after about 3 or 4 times of being told to take me off their do not call list. Wanting me to switch to their POS transaction terminal. said no. still repeated hounding like fuck off already!

By Gerrit Nishiki 12 May 2016

Quite amusing at first but no its not only another scam from an Indian call centre WHO's principal job is to rip people off BR i simply wish we could fight back send them lets say a lightning bolt hit to their headsets zap flash fizz all gone

By Brooks Lester 04 May 2016

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By Bushor Jill 30 Jan 2016

Sales call from free start.

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    By Gregory Meek 07 Jul 2016

    i got this call yesterday evening didn't response. how can you quit calls from digit numbers


    By cb maturin 01 Jun 2016

    what's the point of this they are a waste of time.


    By Elda Oleksiw 29 May 2016

    silence subsequently disconnected


    By FRANCIS DONOHOE 01 Jul 2016

    i dint know him


    By Lillian Podunavac 10 Mar 2016

    scam. offered to sell a bail bond bureau to me. really you have to be licensed through the ca dept of insurance and be appointed by a surety. kinda left out that part morons.


    By Meghan Stroffoleno 11 Feb 2016

    name pals


    By Gail Carden 11 Jul 2016

    another call about poi. i am registered with taps but am becoming so many sales calls lately.


    By Ann Brasley 19 May 2016

    who is this


    By Alfredo Betancout 01 Apr 2016

    mostly unintelligible. refused to give straight response to what exactly are you selling


    By Esther Guenther 12 Jun 2016

    keep calling my number and not leaving a message.

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