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By Holly Weltsch 10 Apr 2016

Took a call from a direct advertising company selling flights. really persistent and aggressive. keep away

By Aloysurs Yekeh 10 Mar 2016

Repeated calls

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    By MARILYN LIDDLE 25 Feb 2016

    i simply had a text message from this amount saying bailiff ts will be calling at my property to regain goods at .pm tomorrow and or get arrested if no goods is located.BR BR i dint know who they are and dint know what was owed and who they after the telephone amount when rings takes you to payment sides and ask for reference number that i dint have or understand.BR BR why are they calling my house tried to take more tips from the text message but it detected repeated play back and hung away.


    By William Maki 08 Feb 2016

    iv been upwards ten Min's change my telephone on missed calls already who could it be


    By lisa hart 30 Mar 2016

    who is this


    By Ted Skrzynecki jr. 18 May 2016

    we received a call yesterday.


    By Karen Schnurr 29 Mar 2016

    i have receive calls from this number within hours. when call back it says cannot entire the dial.


    By Mark Micloskey 07 Apr 2016

    only had a call from this amount tried to send a fax.


    By Patricia Stocks 05 Jun 2016



    By Gail a King 13 Apr 2016

    someone conman me through this amount pretending he works for Kmart mega last Sunday of July sending MSG's to me please follow


    By Faith Marwood 21 Mar 2016

    did you have to pay any money upward front cos other folks are saying that they asked for upfront and how much work did you get from them


    By Sandra Brownfield 01 Jun 2016

    we received a call from this number yesterday.

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