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By Holly Weltsch 10 Apr 2016

Took a call from a direct advertising company selling flights. really persistent and aggressive. keep away

By Aloysurs Yekeh 10 Mar 2016

Repeated calls

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    By Amy Degon 01 Jun 2016



    By Sean Mercadante 15 Apr 2016



    By Sulaiman Harris 24 Mar 2016

    named this morning.


    By Hailey Griffith 10 Jun 2016

    i received call from from twice on x con con x x x and x.


    By Ganesh Kumaraswamy 30 Apr 2016

    I've been slugged around a hundred dollars by open marketplace pity ltd on mt on a mobile that's been turned away for almost two years since retirement. where do they get the numbers. BR contacted Tolstoy to have it stopped but still had an extra . on my last bill.


    By James Kilcawley 02 Feb 2016



    By Jimmy Oliveros 20 Mar 2016

    prank call


    By Hailey Bohnet 02 Jan 2016

    someone promise he called from TM but i dint think he is actually from TM.BR BR he said TM offer my business a promotion to upgrade our unify bundle from MB to MB with only additional rm. BR BR afterward he said have all my company details and didn't need any document submission. all i need to would is merely say yes to whatever he said.BR BR this is completely distressed scummier representative. he said he have all my business details afterward i inquire him who is TM account supervisor who handle our company account he cant answer my question. i ask him to send me email all the promotion details before i made my conclusion. until now no email from TM.BR BR i named my company's account supervisor to check around this. she said threes no such promotion. if there any promotion available she will be the one will notify us.BR BR Bahama luckily i am not that stupid to be fooled by that scummier


    By Sandra Adamic 03 Feb 2016

    this is a company insurance company called only company they are calling to get you to renew your business insurance with them


    By Adam Chartrand 20 May 2016

    hi ho

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