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By Solange Derbyshire 28 May 2016

They left a partial recorded message saying to press to lower electric rates the caller id showed name as not available. quite questionable if you ask me.

By Beverly Ashe 08 May 2016

Sick being called

By Helen Winistorfer 10 Mar 2016

Same here.

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    By Pamela Sestini 07 Mar 2016



    By H Isolica 18 Mar 2016

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    By Larnscie Stevenson 17 Mar 2016

    Rob caller children cancer recovery foundation better business bureau gives this organization an f. really small money going to the folks that need help cancer patients. scummier fraudster


    By Jaunette Herndon 09 Mar 2016

    received a call from this amount. answered and they hung upwards.


    By Arizbe Bautista 27 May 2016

    attempted grisliest cashiers check scam


    By Lester Yesnick 29 Jan 2016

    called to repair my windows computer tried to keep him on the line but when i started record the call he said Head call back boohoo


    By Lynne Mabie 04 Apr 2016

    name caller from this number


    By Caitlin Pajak 28 May 2016

    BR this number calls merely long enough to activate the telephone and log itself as a missed call presumably inside the hope that the recipient will want to know WHO's named and return that call without thinking too much about the consequences.BR if as others on this website have reported it costs a high premium rate to would this its nothing but a con.BR i ha vent returned any of their calls so cant verify that it is but it looks that manner.


    By Kent Belau 25 May 2016

    returned call. phone rang twice afterward clicked away.


    By Tondrea Coleman 26 Apr 2016

    I am becoming calls from this number.

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