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By Antwinette Goodman 15 Jun 2016

Named and left no message and it's an odd amount. does anyone have any idea who this may be

By Nancy Kennerly 03 Jun 2016

This caller says he has significant information affecting my account amp it's urgent that i call the above number

By Ellen Hatfield 21 Jan 2016

Indian girl scam caller claiming shes from talk discuss telling me that my new router was having an problem i have merely had it fitted she additionally new my name needed me to log on to my computer while she instructed me to go through her scam

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    By Peter Stratakos 23 May 2016

    call really Rudy


    By Adela Nelson 17 Jun 2016

    entry made above. i now recognize the caller. my error this is a genuine call no action required. sorry for the waste of time


    By Marin Foster 28 Jun 2016

    i was just on a cruise and my phone tried to join to this cellular at sea. it was a few hours later i started getting these texts. our pal on the ship at the same time began getting the same texts so i dint believe it's a coincidence. i am still getting them now. i just keep blocking them.


    By Kenasha Parker 27 May 2016

    spam caller waste of time


    By majorpayne50 alltel.net Bryan 17 Jun 2016

    no message


    By Iain Ronie 04 May 2016

    schemers block them.


    By Cyndy Clairmont 29 Mar 2016

    i had the same thing. but said he was from eon. phones eon and they had no record of call. scam


    By Sean Wayda 11 May 2016

    named my mobile phone.


    By Hannah Hern 20 May 2016

    DH express UK imports customs department


    By Melissa Dake 21 Apr 2016

    he is call me but i dint know who is

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