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By Martin Loew 13 May 2016

Ikea to arrange delivery date

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    By Gaile Hurdle 01 Apr 2016

    unknown caller


    By Lauren Hutchens 08 Jun 2016

    nuisance call hang upwards when response or its injury insurance block number


    By Christy Holloran 09 Jun 2016

    after doing a bit of research i have discovered this BR there are a collection of companies all run by mo hammed pasha pasha perhaps BR they used to have companies dealing with poi and mortgage audits fusion consumer solutions and fusion fiscal audits the websites no longer exist. they appeared on a welsh TV application me called the ferret where they were exposed as being rend off merchants and were taking advantage of folks and conning them out of BR BR afterward he had a business called green cope direct which they named folks and told them that they could have dwelling improvements under the governments green deal scheme. this was a char gable service and the company were charging something that British gasoline charge for suppose what they got invest gated by another welsh consumer reveal Cray where they displayed that though again they were ripping individuals off. that website has disappeared Dobro BR there is a design emerging BR so where are they Nebr BR based on my research on multiple phone numbers that the company owns i have found that they now sell life insurance they hound individuals around the phone and will not take no for an answer. a .fusion cover.co.Akbar BR i have seen numerous remarks from ex employees who state that he owes them wages and mistreats the staff.BR BR can individuals like this slumber at nighttime i would suggest reporting them to as many official bodies as possible BR BR great chance i will never get my back but i trust some of you have better chance than Nebr BR BR BR BR BR BR


    By Deidre Cloninger 06 May 2016

    received a call someone talking at me about security and afterward hung upwards. received a second call saying colleague had registered my interest inside a free dismay system. was clearly reading away a script and wanted to send someone about for a site survey so we could have a free security system fitted which had been approved by our local house office i interrupted and told her i dint agree to any visitors or company unless i have something in writing first. she continued to read from the script until i repeated myself. subsequently she told me to look on the site which i have done and there is nothing on there around any government directive for free security systems surprise dint think they ll ring again


    By Cora Grey 25 Jun 2016

    telemarketer Tanya Samar Ada memento lad credited may bank Dan clap Mencken insurance tankful ...tack dpt tango Apia DOA KP kebab telly Laud...DOA min ta Sagan no congealing....say Tue Bk Solon slum telemarketer ma rah Dan torus Leta telephone.


    By Loko Clam 12 Apr 2016

    selling double glazing accent. named preceding day as well despite my line registered with telephone preference service.


    By BRIAN CONNER 27 Jun 2016

    calls multiple times per day.


    By Keith Dalton 24 May 2016

    been becoming calls but understand one on the other finish but when a ring back its the same


    By Linda Aggers 08 Jul 2016

    this isn't la git ringing me to join to Microsoft he says hes from Microsoft Intel. and when i said he was not genuine he told me to of sorry for the language. he knew my colleagues name additionally we are a company so i knew this was not OK.


    By Joseph Csik jr 27 Jun 2016

    sounded good

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