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By Kristen Avardy 06 Apr 2016

Nigerian sounded poi retriever as they say so

By Lloyd Beniek 01 Apr 2016

Received a telephone call. no message left.

By Jason Mcclairy 10 Mar 2016

DPT call Dario no Ni offer card.....pad Ln sepal leaps......sump Semarang Sonya Jew Apia partisan nay....approve Vital tidal

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    By Eugene Short 04 Apr 2016

    had the call half an hour ago and it was a scam saying my net has an disease. i told them i have no computer or web and he hung upward.


    By Robert Dalius 02 May 2016

    merely got it overly.. din decide up.. also have no relatives overseas


    By Jacquetta Hicks 20 May 2016

    suspected of theft


    By Sally Barnfield 03 Jul 2016

    got call from this no


    By Keith Lockerman 24 May 2016

    I have received several calls from this amount the previous couple of weeks. i never response if i dint recognize the amount and they never leave a message so i dint know who it's.


    By Cathey Baier 02 Apr 2016

    rude caller


    By Devin Holbein 23 Apr 2016

    demanding money


    By Maureen Malle 08 Jan 2016

    aide serape tau x Ni no Dario shape... dpt Sims nark tam pal Samoan la ape la..nark conceal Surat Khazar la..


    By OLIVIA BEREAL 03 Jun 2016

    said they cant hear me and to ring back i dint believe so


    By Jennifer j Walters 19 Jan 2016

    calls missed to my company cellular telephone number no one has this mobile number apart from my clients and a few family members no idea who the caller was as i didn't response but had several missed calls now you cant call it back as its not recognized

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