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By Kristen Avardy 06 Apr 2016

Nigerian sounded poi retriever as they say so

By Lloyd Beniek 01 Apr 2016

Received a telephone call. no message left.

By Jason Mcclairy 10 Mar 2016

DPT call Dario no Ni offer card.....pad Ln sepal leaps......sump Semarang Sonya Jew Apia partisan nay....approve Vital tidal

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    By Brian Settineri 12 Jul 2016

    named whist out at work at but dud not leave message.BR BR yet this is one of many calls near this time I've had over the past fortnight.BR BR who are these any exactly why not leave a message on my reply Nebr BR suppose cold calling tel sales.


    By Dre Runner 12 Jun 2016

    received a phone call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Bruce Walk 27 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Mattie Vaughn 22 Jun 2016

    they scammed my year old grandma outside of for a free service to quit nuisance calls they shouted at her and was quite abusive at her when she told them she didn't desire to pay the cash. she just around heard them whispering around deducting the cash they didn't tell her directly they upset her for the remainder of the day I am actually have steam coming outside of my ears i am going to would my up most to get these people found and and report them no one should do this to anyone


    By Pepita Turney 29 May 2016

    this amount keeps ringing and saying my name then hanging upward when i call back they dint response seriously annoying people get a life


    By Patrick Shandrick 06 Jul 2016

    its plan international they're a charity for sponsoring children near the world.


    By Kristi Chase 27 Feb 2016

    this number keeps calling.


    By Ian Schilly 03 Jun 2016

    no message left.


    By James Dailey-bey 26 May 2016

    i got missed call from this number yesterday nightmare Alex


    By LARRY HAMPTON 17 May 2016


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