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By Mele Naufahu 09 Jul 2016

Keep calling today . placed on vehicle reject list.

By Daniel Rainero 17 Mar 2016

That's peculiar i get that amount overly and leave no message and when i try to call them they dint decide up and when i do pick upward the phone they say nothing it must merely be a slow automated machine

By Danielle Delbrocco 12 Jan 2016


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    By Kevin Rindahl 17 Jun 2016

    this is a common scam and is very dangerous for you if you continue with the dialog. essentially an Indian guy will tell you he is from windows striving to sort out a applications issue. he will ask you to take outside tests on your computer take over your bank accounts know all your passwords and afterward send a signal which destroys your hard drive. you have been warned. just tell him to go forth and multiply.


    By Jason Sehorn 29 Mar 2016

    called left no message


    By Lyne D& 39 amato 26 Jun 2016

    got a call from xxx


    By Michelle elizabeth Starks 26 Jun 2016

    did not response did not leave a message.


    By Saddie Calloway 08 Jul 2016

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    By Franklin Withrow 30 May 2016

    a .clockworks.com around Cl weldable the above link to Cl world sounds like a timeshare company now blocked on my telephone.


    By Barbara Freeburg 05 Mar 2016

    no name but Pakistan girl the call was for self healing. told her not interested and hung upwards and blocked it.


    By Ani Gasparyan 01 Jul 2016

    i got the same exact call from this same person.


    By Carol Woodcock 06 Apr 2016

    I am not a scummier just trolling the number a bit to attempt and get them outside of the woodwork i receive these calls overly.


    By Paul Peete 14 Jan 2016

    just had this Asian bloke calling me at hourly intervals this past week from a call centre he called me from a distinct amount last lime he has swore at me and wont leave me alone

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