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By Joyce Sinkule 09 Jun 2016

I want to understand who is the man behind the phone number

By takisha smalley 13 May 2016

Merely got a call from with a pare recorded message offering me a economical boiler for my dwelling. this seems to be distinct to other peoples experiences with this number most individuals are saying its to can with poi and claims. possibly a scam.BR BR in my case i was asked to press inside order to speak to an operator no uncertainty this would have put me through to a premium speed line had i selected to continue. there was no mention of a business name inside the message therefore i would suggest that this amount cannot be trusted.

By Rachael Garnett 19 Jan 2016

I am striving to course this man down its a gardener who is doing work for me and simply cant remember the business name

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    By Tonya Greer 03 Mar 2016

    i got a call from this number where could this be from


    By Tina Hanset 21 Jun 2016

    rang on Th august.BR i am so fed upward wary of cold callers that i check outside first. subsequently give them a unique name on my cellular telephone e.g chilly call etc.BR building up a database to tell someone to get them stopped.BR wanted to check this outside first


    By Barbbi Demara 15 Jun 2016

    get calls from this number couple of times in the day . when i attempt to call back there's no answer


    By Dawn Adine 07 Jul 2016

    quine me llama


    By Jacob Mews 02 Jun 2016

    recorded message claiming that the government has changed the rules about poi and we may all have compensation even if we never had insurance. press for more details or to be removed from the poi database.BR BR i pressed neither. the line went dead.BR BR the number from is fake as its overly short.


    By Daisy Parayno 16 Jun 2016

    compo tirades broker Stafford a novel international


    By Robert Fogarty 08 Apr 2016

    amount rang but no message left i suppose its a poi call or telesales


    By Paul Hives 19 Apr 2016

    who calls from this number and what would they want.


    By Dave Truncone 22 May 2016

    rang now and left odd message


    By marlys popma 31 May 2016

    has called three times inside the last few weeks. no messages left. I am blocking it.

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