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By Djunna Evans 28 May 2016

Spam caller trying to subvert Cali. it is one number short for valid UK phone amount recorded here for the gain others using this database.

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    By Clyde Devoe 28 Apr 2016

    this no call me many time but when i am return call to them..the no no ringing and nobody pickup


    By Anne Gannom 07 Apr 2016

    its some sort of call centre staffed by quite poor English speakers couldn't even pronounce my surname which is a quite common English word who say they desire to ask questions on benefit of UK preference......but seeing as this has an Egypt state code. lost count of the number of times I've inquired them to take my number away their call list twice today alone.


    By faiza husain 10 Apr 2016

    could not hear the name


    By Sonja Colwell 01 May 2016

    dint know who is Han


    By Margaret Batcheller 15 Jan 2016

    they're among those companies who inquire you to would a survey and will sell your details on to other companies. dint give them any details no matter how persistent they are i threatened to report them for harassment and they still phoned back.


    By Ryan Spellman 10 Apr 2016

    have gotten to calls per week i mostly try to blow off no one ever there to inquire to cease


    By Wayne G Weachter 27 May 2016

    same as others car accident one . strung him along for a while and was surprised at the persistence usually they give up when i start taking the mickey. claimed to be from Jackson solicitors


    By Wanda lee Langan 24 Jun 2016

    when i answered nobody was there.


    By Thaddeus Siara 05 Jul 2016

    pretended to be a client who desired to avail of your product service. once you re inside the assembly area. hell ask that you load him then hell pay you once hes there. within our case its p.. no load was given to him but the place he sent us to was an hour away from our office. what a waste of time


    By Adhim Msn.Com Divan 13 May 2016

    just got a call

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