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By Si Skondo 26 Feb 2016

This amount has been calling every day occasionally twice a day

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    By Martie Rhyne 27 Apr 2016

    Southampton diabetic antipathy screening serviceable BR the diabetic antipathy screening service offer free annual screening for all diabetics around the age of years. diabetes is the most common cause of blindness inside the UK working population which makes screening very important. BR BR the service is operated across south west Hampshire and the isle of wight using mobile screening vans which see various GP surgeries. we additionally have two static screening locations at the royal south haunts hospital inside Southampton and st. Mary's hospital Newport isle of wight. BR BR more information on the HS diabetic eye screening program me could be found on diabetic eye.screening.HS.Akbar BR making an appointment BR BR to make an appointment your GP must first register you with the service. once you are registered we will contact you by letter and encourage you to call us on or email such tr..net to make an appointment. BR BR if you re making an appointment by email please tell us the name of your GP operation and the dates and times you are accessible. we will then can our greatest to fit your request to one of our clinics and email an appointment to you. this may be shifted if it's not acceptable. BR BR we have evening and weekend appointments accessible inside a number of locations. you dint have to be screened at your GP operation you could pick a location more convenient if you wish.


    By Phoenix Maltby 06 Jun 2016

    this amount calls every day disturbs my slumber.


    By Freddi Jakes 23 Apr 2016

    simply wondering who is calling


    By Bonnie Bolgeo 19 Apr 2016

    harassing text messaging from this telephone number


    By Mj Sullivan 28 Apr 2016

    prank call


    By Rosario Ochoa 08 May 2016

    Th's man made a hoax call around my wife accusing her of being a prostitute while away at Christmas with my kid inside basil don


    By Nicholas Burkhart 08 Jul 2016

    named but left no message


    By Megan Kipping 28 May 2016

    who could it be


    By Amethyst Magee 25 Jan 2016

    received a string of missed calls from this number after pm. indeed its USCG requesting donations. in the least wish the yd leave a voice email.


    By K Azzeh 09 Jul 2016

    got a telephone call from this number. no voice message left.

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