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By Kandy Ray 04 Jun 2016

Several calls

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    By Messiah Derritt 24 Apr 2016

    i want to know where this man is calling from guess he is


    By Tim Tos 12 May 2016

    received a phone call from this number. no voice message left.


    By Marvette Smiley 10 Jun 2016



    By Brandy Leitch 27 Jan 2016

    calls and hangs upwards.


    By Cory Dearduff 17 Jan 2016

    hi I am wondering if anyone could help and any news on clap and cares supp i have so way lost nearly k after they place it in gasoline verdant farms Australia. i have a serious sickness and needing to get cash back or sold as promised cash every year within payments. i am battling with cares as i blame them overly. i need help as considerably as possible as i have no motion neck downwards and need to purchase gear that the HS wont provide. please if anyone has any information may i leave my cellular telephone or .com as i am desperate.


    By Christine Alrutz 30 Apr 2016

    i had a missed call from this number amp thought it might be a client. yet when i rang back i was greeted by a woman with an Indian accent with hello this is chits. when i asked who she was she said she was the help service. searches enjoy though another chilly caller.


    By Kris Ellison 19 May 2016



    By kim kostecka 21 Jun 2016

    really rude man asking around my injury which i never had. don't reply.....


    By Xiaozhong Xiong 18 Mar 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.


    By Edmund Slips 16 May 2016

    Tongan. kapok mailman KO Jung Son KIA humanoid KIA skinny

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