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By Kandy Ray 04 Jun 2016

Several calls

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    By Lynn Barnowsky 23 Mar 2016

    third time express mail message left re claiming poi


    By Della Abboud 19 May 2016

    this number has named hourly throughout that nighttime they don't talk English and it has been children a guy once a girl.they continue to call and hang up.


    By Christopher Sala 10 May 2016

    when i reply they hang upward.


    By Malinda Randle 14 Jan 2016

    i missed the call but they left a quiet voice mail message lasting minutes.


    By Doris Carva 09 Apr 2016

    they keep calling merely one ring attempted to call back but you cant idiots


    By Iceberg Miller 16 Mar 2016

    i rejected the call as i didn't recognize the number more especially as it began i decided it was probably some sort of scam. undeterred they left a vast message on my voice email but nothing inside the message identified who was calling i suspect my personal greeting may have cut away the beginning of what was clearly a recorded message. i had called the telegraph subscriber service earlier inside the day so it could have been them as experienced by Tim but i have no intention of following it upward.


    By David Supernaw 28 May 2016

    DE dined es ESE numeric.


    By progexist msn.com T. 09 Mar 2016



    By Booty Licious 01 Jun 2016

    i will assure all who have posted on this newsgroup that accidents direct do not participate within cold calling clients his kind of company practice is UN professional. the amount which is given does not belong to accidents direct. advertising is based within London.BR BR i can only assume that the callers are using the company name within bad flavor.BR BR accidents direct is a reputable personal harm company and are registered with the ministry of justice honour with all regulations. the company have been Mae conscious and will be conducting their own investigations.


    By Konya Sweeting 12 Jun 2016

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