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By Gregory T cross 12 Jun 2016

Looking for owner information.

By Chad Ihager 03 May 2016

Just has a call from an Indian guy who couldn't pronounce my name accurately. i asked who he was he said he was calling from the credit union inside London. i said i didn't understand his company. he said away you and hung up. my fiance is fuming and wants me to call the authorities. i had it on speakerphone.

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    By Danielle Hasty 07 Jul 2016

    want to no this amount is from which country


    By Marion Wingfield 27 May 2016



    By Ulku Gaglio 04 Jun 2016

    who called me


    By Harold Mckinley 18 Jun 2016

    striving to locate out who owns this telephone amount.


    By Divine Banan 01 Apr 2016

    interesting... i reported the calls to the FCC and the calls stop. hmm. it's probably simply a coincidence because my last call was a few hours before i filed the report. here are the steps i timbre BR i have a Samsung galaxy s BR . got Google voice BR i. setup phone to use Google voice for express Marlboro ii. place Google voice to block unknowns and the the numbers listed and . Google express then automatically plays the disconnected number tone and message.BR . installed call control call blocker from keeling company free version i. setup blocked amount list to block the numbers limited to telephone numbers in free variant ii. i attempted the reply and hang upwards option first but this didn't appear to helper iii. i set it to back to merely block reject the calls which would afterward send it to express email Google viscera . installed CIA caller identification app from ad affix free version i. the CIA program identified the calls as coming from the oyster pub mentioned in other posts other who called me sites.BR . re registered with the national don't call registry both my normal cell telephone number and my Google voice number.BR . filed complaint through the FCC web page.BR BR if it was the Google express call block combination that did the trick it took around days to work. last call knock on wood was at a.m. yesterday.


    By June Reina 29 Feb 2016

    i have not heard from it since the rd November even when i send texts to it i get no reply at all would you understand if the service as gone down


    By Barbara Pentland 13 May 2016

    who are you


    By Geneva French 26 Jun 2016

    two more quiet calls and one where eventually a little express was going hello hello.


    By Becky Woolfson 09 Jul 2016

    had a call from this amount at today. they took too long to response after i said hello so i hung up. these calls are becoming so annoying now


    By Dennis Somers 10 Mar 2016

    I have had two missed calls from this amount instantly after booking a holiday via save on sun using their presumably Indian call centre. previous to this i never got nuisance calls because my telephone number is new. the phone amount is similar to their amount but not the same. caller left no message and when i attempt to call it back i dint get an response. i assume that they have passed my amount on to cold callers in the same call centre

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