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By Christine Michienzi 15 Mar 2016

Replied phone recorded express said goodbye. have blocked.

By Ernie Lopez jr. 13 Mar 2016

WHO's is this number

By Kenneth Bruning 01 Jan 2016

It's definitively a telephone amount from Hewlett Packard.BR BR i am waiting for a hp call and first i received two phone calls from a voice robot er please enter your digit representative amount.BR the third call was from a hp employee same number much more favorable.

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    By Jonathan Nesser 27 May 2016

    miss call


    By Maria dc Hernandez 07 Mar 2016

    calling repeatedly


    By Tammy Funcannon 06 Jun 2016

    the same people go after me col ling me up since five months.also they often leave me messages to call James need to talk to me crisis on the tel.reference .as i never would it they call me again and again and inquire for my new address.BR BR hat for i have no credit any more i inquire them.BR no response.BR i suppose they illegally access to the Barclay credit data base overdrafts and use it to presser the owe rs no matters if they still owe or not.BR i am wandering how the private details are not protected BR they relay go around by car and try to point your location while speak upwards by the phone as well.BR that is a psychiatry and they have to be stopped.


    By Courtney Wilsford 27 May 2016

    very bad


    By Chris Burinskas 20 Apr 2016

    line went dead when answered


    By James Mieczkowski 13 May 2016

    i got a whatsits message from this guy. means the call comes from ivory coast. much likely to be a scam.


    By B Edmundson 17 Jun 2016

    did you get any money


    By Kathleen Orcutt 16 May 2016

    no nothing


    By COLETTE GUTIERREZ 02 Apr 2016

    i did get a call from . when i phoned it it was answered by a girl enjoy voice that said the captain. told me i made mistake.BR will it be a ship


    By Barney Firkus 09 May 2016

    i keep getting calls from this amount no answer and no message.

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