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By Barbara Hartzler 07 Jun 2016

They just named me.

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    By Michele Brauch 09 Feb 2016

    i ignored this call. he left message on my answering machine. claims to be policeman Brian Jones and i had better call or i will be within trouble with the law.


    By Desi Sharlow 25 Apr 2016

    phone call began with recorded greeting my name is may you hear me OK


    By Julius Peoples 30 Jun 2016

    i had a text saying id received new photo message


    By Manda Overly 26 Jun 2016

    caller had a foreign express. said he was from Microsoft. that i had a trouble with my computer and they would mend it for me. i was to change on my computer and he would discuss me through fixing the fault. i inquired him for his amount and i would call him back. i have no objective of calling him back but thought logging the call with you might alert other users.


    By Dina Nardini 28 Jun 2016

    desire to know who called me


    By Andrea Todorov 14 Jun 2016

    any ideas who calls from this number


    By Morgan Crimm 17 Jun 2016

    named this morning.


    By Valeria Hobdey 03 Jul 2016

    no info


    By Chad Weatherson 29 Jun 2016

    i have this kind of calls for years now from everything from poi to Viagra i have detect that whilst always awful it gets worse at various times. i am not sure if it is connected but had loads over the previous week so i thought what have i done lately with my number. i have entered a few of the day time TV competitions and note that at the finish of your text to enter you are imagined to enter no info to stop sales calls. these must be connected. not only would the TV shows create money from the cost of your text but also from selling numbers.


    By Una Loughran 04 Jul 2016

    had a call from this amount around minutes past. replied telephone but went off at other side.BR my house number is ex directory. and yes we're additionally with talk talk .

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