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By Joy Delong 11 May 2016

Thank you. this is a scam operated by the bailiffs and these fraudster bailiffs need us to collaborate with them so that they can scam us. i made the chilling searching bailiff leave my door alone by only denying that I'm the name on the sheet of paper that the bailiff has the warrant of distress for. the bailiff is a fraudster because he pretended that he was the authorities but i know that if the police had a warrant out for my detain subsequently they would not need to beg me to open my front door the authorities would merely kick down my front door to arrest me because the authorities have the power to do so but the bailiff was begging for my permission to give entry to my home and i refused and denied to confess that i am the name that he was searching for. the only power the bailiffs have against us is our names on a bit of paper while the police are allowed to take our DNA. DNA and other biological identifications including fingerprints are the only methods to identify folks. if the police need to convict an individual of a serious crime then all the police need is the evidence to match the DNA of that individual. the police do not need our names if they desire to convict us for serious crimes if they have our DNA and the required evidence. fines are statutes and statutes are contracts. contracts demand names or signatures or any other indicator of arrangement.BR a statute is a legislative rule of a society that is given the drive of law when consented to by the governed. a society is a collective of individuals that are united for the accomplishment of a common target. i have managed to escape prosecution by refusing to create a contract with these parasitical bailiffs by refusing to give them my name. recall only the authorities could take your DNA and i have not been arrested since and i have not been to court since . I'm now years old. law of the laws of power by writer Robert green commands us to despise the free lunch so beware of any random phone calls offering you the chance to become a millionaire for free. i was scammed during the early years of the first decade of this millennium because i was dumb enough to play the scratch lottery. to prevent becoming a sufferer of identity theft i guide individuals on this newsgroup to avert voting and reduce the amount of databases that you enable your birth name and associated details to be stored within. fraudsters frequently work inside the tel sales companies including t cellular telephone and are listening to our telephone calls and could easily steal our identities and locate out other sensitive advice about us by merely listening to our calls. fraudsters have been using the system of express phishing to bargain our significant information. an attempt was made by a fraudster working for t cellular telephone to steal my identity by randomly offering me the chance to play the post code lottery and i declined by telling him to go suck him self. fraudsters additionally phish for our important sensitive tips by telling us about payment protection insurance.BR BR please beware of the game and never affirm your arrival name unless you have to with anybody. i always use an alias to protect my identity from potential fraudsters. the less somebody knows about an individual the safer that individual is. when overly considerably is understood about us we become vulnerable to strike. you will not attack something if you dint know anything around it. to remain safe i select to be a private individual. privacy is a cornerstone of freedom.BR BR thanks and stay safe. do not let the fraudsters know who you really are and do not give them your phone numbers because if you can they will affirm your existence and precede to perpetrate fraud against you. remember the authors of this fraud that's managing inside of the English court system are the bailiffs.BR BR thanks again and stay safe.

By Donna Burack 27 Mar 2016

Have inquire them not to ring but three times a week

By David Mcmillen 05 Jan 2016

Some remark about not being joyful with my credit card most calls i receive which are rather regular are answered by quiet on the callers end

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    By Taida Muenchen 10 May 2016

    these are another company chasing an injury i have imagined to have had


    By Paul Struttmann 11 Jan 2016



    By Gerard Dagostino 26 Jun 2016

    said he was James from British talcum calling around my internet connection. i paused before saying go on then and he immediately hung up.


    By Wendy Costa 27 Jun 2016

    got a call. no message left.


    By Gary Volochinsky 13 Jul 2016

    they keep calling. no message on machine.


    By Allen Mcchesney 09 Jul 2016

    only called. did not leave a message. only blocked them


    By Charlsie Barton 24 Mar 2016

    didn't leave a message


    By Altman null 26 May 2016

    no message.


    By Elizabeth Putra 22 May 2016

    calling me on my mobile have saved with block nuisance so i dint answer


    By Joan Wainovich 16 Apr 2016

    i dint know the caller

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