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By Sandra Streeter 16 Jun 2016

Constantly calls

By Virginia Beucler 20 May 2016


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    By Mark Bradham 07 May 2016

    this fella is David Anthony from the east midlands group and tells me he may have a commerce buyer for my auto.BR BR when i response from the text to call him the number is invalid... is this a scam


    By Mae S. Bell 08 Apr 2016

    got a call. answered and they hung up.


    By Rose Tole 27 May 2016

    from debt collector courts mammoth..tr eaten to come and seal our house..there are big liar..


    By Dennis Sherman 16 Apr 2016

    bloody fed upwards with these calls have blocked number


    By Cassie Smallwood 25 Jan 2016

    never never never use Europa. this is Europa harassing for mileage on a hire auto. they call and demand to understand how many miles you've driven since the last call a few days earlier. enjoy somehow you have a live camera set up to see your dashboard while its in the milt storey and you are going about your day. prevent Europa. first day of hire they deliver car at pm afterward telephone at am next day before I have even used it to say hire interval is around and they need it back. next morning they phone at demanding auto back again. so far with this hire they've turned upward unannounced times to capture the car for no reason. its been paid weeks within progress by the organization that has arranged this hire as a courtesy car while my mot ability auto gets repaired. they've debited and illegally from my account. luckily i was expecting it and caught them inside time. they've forced me to swap the car and even turned upwards unannounced to try to get me to swap a Valhalla auto for a transit van. the vehicles have all been filthy and damaged. this current car has not been repaired since it was inside an accident and one rear light is still loose and hanging off the bumper. it was full of dog hair and java and chocolate stains with missing bits of the interior and a user direct for a totally distinct make and model of auto. one evening they turned upward while i was within bed to capture the car and i tripped becoming out of bed I am handicapped i twisted my foot which blew up and went black and blue. it still is now but Cray showed no break. luckily i was aware within advance that the yd behave enjoy this. finally on Sunday night i got a knock at my door at pm i was already inside bed due to impairment. it was a neighbour warning me that the yd seen someone pull upwards to the hire auto unlock it and place all the electric windows down in a bloody rainstorm and afterward drive away these guys are scam artists and despise it when you find them outside and prevent them. threes hundreds of other customers within the same situation only Google it. I have now got cameras focused on the car within case they try and screw with me again.


    By Lola Ponthieux 01 May 2016

    received a call on property line.


    By Louis Fast 30 Apr 2016

    keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


    By Ibra Him 20 Mar 2016

    received a telephone call. no message left.


    By Roselyn Williams 15 Mar 2016

    me macaroni insulated


    By Martha Merwin 02 Jan 2016

    i got an urgent message but could not reach back to this number

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